Best Photography Vacations – Here Are Our Top 6

Have you ever wondered what traveling photographers believe are the ideal locations for the best photography vacations? This list is numbered but it is not done so in any particular order. These locations are just the 6 best, period.

1. Tuscany, Italy – this amazing location in the heart of Italy will still your soul and make you wish you never had to leave. There are beautiful museums, cathedrals, vineyards, the rich and historic cities of Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and many more. But the best part of Tuscany which makes it one of the top 6 locations for the best photography vacations list in the breathtaking countryside. It doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Milford Track, New Zealand – this land possesses the quality of sheer beauty with its incredible glaciers, high mountains, and natural wonders in absolute abundance. You could walk the wonderful Milford Track and capture photos along this famous trail as you make your way to Fjordland National Park.

3. Red Centre, Australia – the amazing landscapes you will see while visiting Australia’s red and remote center are truly breathtaking. The incredible wildlife in the area includes such animals as dingoes, snakes and kangaroos. You’ll bear witness to the famed Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, Ormiston Gorge and the Olgas, Kings Canyon.

4. Kashgar market, Xinjiang, China – this is truly a site for sore eyes and an incredible experience to boot. The market in Kashgar was established well over 2000 years ago as part of the Silk Road trade route. It is still used today and over 100,000 traders make their way into town on their camels and carts with their wares in tow. This market is gigantic, offering just about anything your heart desires as long as it’s local to the region.

5. The Northern Lights, Iceland – every photographer’s heart will skip a beat while watching the interplay of the amazing lights and shadows of the Northern Lights. The best time of the year to view the Northern Lights are during the months of February through November. This phenomenon is high on many photographers list of best photography vacations.

6. Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming – it is simple to capture the wonderful landscape known as Yellowstone National Park because there is beauty in abundance no matter what direction you’re looking in. It’s particularly beautiful in the fall because of all the amazing colors in the trees and other vegetation. Because of it so popular, Yellowstone is high for many photographers as one of the best photography vacations.

By Suzana