How to Customize Sightseeing Tours For Travelers

Travel agents usually offer standard packages for destinations. Travelers can choose between the offers, but it’s not so easy to change the itinerary in a package. It is hard to find a customized sightseeing tour to personal interests. The advantage of having a private tour guide is the flexibility of sightseeing. Here are some tips for tour guides to create client-oriented sightseeing tours.

Consider the country origin of traveler. People from North America have different cultural background from Asian travelers. They are interested in different things at the destination. E.g. Tuk-tuk riding can be an amazing experience for American people while not to the interest of Vietnamese. Chinese travelers may find cathedrals imposing while British people are used to them at home. Japanese visitors prefer more time at shopping while Malaysian are more interested in foods. Even within the same continent say Europe, travelers from different countries will differ in their customs. People from the same origin share similarities in culture and customs. This may not apply to all individuals from one place. Yet knowing the country origin will help a tour guide to customize the initial tour schedule. The more a private tour guide considers, the more possible a client will confirm the sightseeing tours.

Consider the personal background. School teachers are interested in local schools and education system. Children prefer fun activities to pure cultural visits. Business people may want to see their industry products at the destination. Include something relevant to the traveler’s personal background when possible. This offers clients with a real customized sightseeing tour to their interest.

Consider the purpose of visit. Are the travelers coming for a family vacation? Is it a short extra day from business trip? Are they cruise passengers looking for a shore excursion? For family vacations, travelers usually look for a relaxed tour schedule. Entertainments and attraction for the kids will be appreciated. Business people are limited in time so they would prefer a compact itinerary to maximize the experience. Cruise passengers also stay short at destinations, from half a day to 2 days in one port. However, many cruise passengers would enjoy a leisure plan with visits to major scenic spots.

Consider other elements to make a better plan. For example, the number of people in the group to arrange transportation and restaurants, season and weather conditions if certain activities are affected, children and senior people in the group to adjust activity intensity…

Customizing a sightseeing tour is all about personal interest. Destination is the same but travelers want their own trip and unique experience. Sightseeing tours are not about the scenic spots, but about the traveler’s visit. It is “my” trip and vacation that travelers care. Therefore, tour guides shall develop the sightseeing tour to the traveler’s personal interest.

By Suzana