According to the WHO Information Center on HPV and Cervical Cancer data, there are about two out of 1,000 women in Singapore having cervical cancer and an estimated 2 women die every day from this cancer. Therefore, prevention is very important to do, one of them is by giving HPV vaccination from an early age. So, is the HPV vaccine safe to give to children? Is there a risk of HPV vaccination in children? You can consult directly with GP in Yishun

  The HPV vaccine is recommended before a person is sexually active

Not a few women die from cervical cancer. In fact, this cancer can be prevented by giving an HPV vaccine that you can get at Yishun clinic

HPV or human papillomavirus is a virus that can spread both through skin contact and through sexual intercourse, eventually leading to cervical cancer. According to WHO, 91% of cases of cervical cancer deaths originated from infection with neglected human papillomavirus. This means that the influence of the HPV virus on cervical cancer is very large.

So far, the community considers that HPV vaccination in children does not need to be given because at that age they have not been sexually active. In fact, the HPV vaccine is actually more effective given before someone is actively having sex. Doctor in Yishun even recommends HPV vaccination in children given since the age of 10 years.

Then, is HPV vaccination in children safe? According to a study published in the International Journal of Women ‘s Health, HPV vaccination is very safe given to children. Even after almost 10 years, the vaccine is effective at 95% to prevent the HPV virus.

This is also supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which states that HPV vaccination in children is very safe because it has gone through clinical trials. Then, what about the assumption that this vaccine will make your children experience menstrual disorders and affect fertility? The answer is no.

The HPV vaccine will not make your child experience menstrual disorders and fertility. So, don’t be afraid to give the HPV vaccine to your child. This vaccine will keep your beloved baby away from deadly cervical cancer.

  Are there side effects of HPV vaccination in children?

The side effects of HPV vaccination generally occur only temporarily and are relatively mild. Some of the effects that are often complained about are swelling, pain and redness around the injection site and headache. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is better for children to sit and lie down after getting a vaccine for 15 minutes.

In addition, side effects that are not too often found are in the form of fever, nausea, and pain around the arms, hands or feet until the appearance of an itchy red rash. As reported by the MD Health website, the side effects that may appear after vaccination are only temporary. You don’t need to worry about it.

Consult with a doctor before you decide to get HPV vaccination for children.

By Suzana