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Is HPV Vaccination Safe for Children?

According to the WHO Information Center on HPV and Cervical Cancer data, there are about two out of 1,000 women in Singapore having cervical cancer and an estimated 2 women die every day from this cancer. Therefore, prevention is very important to do, one of them is by giving HPV vaccination from an early age. So, is the HPV vaccine safe to give to children? Is there a risk of HPV vaccination in children? You can consult directly with GP in Yishun

  The HPV vaccine is recommended before a person is sexually active

Not a few women die from cervical cancer. In fact, this cancer can be prevented by giving an HPV vaccine that you can get at Yishun clinic

HPV or human papillomavirus is a virus that can spread both through skin contact and through sexual intercourse, eventually leading to cervical cancer. According to WHO, 91% of cases of cervical cancer deaths originated from infection with neglected human papillomavirus. This means that the influence of the HPV virus on cervical cancer is very large.

So far, the community considers that HPV vaccination in children does not need to be given because at that age they have not been sexually active. In fact, the HPV vaccine is actually more effective given before someone is actively having sex. Doctor in Yishun even recommends HPV vaccination in children given since the age of 10 years.

Then, is HPV vaccination in children safe? According to a study published in the International Journal of Women ‘s Health, HPV vaccination is very safe given to children. Even after almost 10 years, the vaccine is effective at 95% to prevent the HPV virus.

This is also supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which states that HPV vaccination in children is very safe because it has gone through clinical trials. Then, what about the assumption that this vaccine will make your children experience menstrual disorders and affect fertility? The answer is no.

The HPV vaccine will not make your child experience menstrual disorders and fertility. So, don’t be afraid to give the HPV vaccine to your child. This vaccine will keep your beloved baby away from deadly cervical cancer.

  Are there side effects of HPV vaccination in children?

The side effects of HPV vaccination generally occur only temporarily and are relatively mild. Some of the effects that are often complained about are swelling, pain and redness around the injection site and headache. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is better for children to sit and lie down after getting a vaccine for 15 minutes.

In addition, side effects that are not too often found are in the form of fever, nausea, and pain around the arms, hands or feet until the appearance of an itchy red rash. As reported by the MD Health website, the side effects that may appear after vaccination are only temporary. You don’t need to worry about it.

Consult with a doctor before you decide to get HPV vaccination for children.…

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The 5 Most Common Travel Booking Mistakes

Although the 2018 Christmas and New Year’s long holiday has ended, there are still many vacation times waiting in 2018. Because holidays also need planning, we must also compact to plan it well. Before the holidays, let’s list what we need to do before the holidays. Before starting the fun, the mandatory thing we have to do, one of which, of course is booking flight tickets. This is done if indeed our goal can only be reached by plane and we are comfortable with air travel. So that our vacation planning runs smoothly, there are things we must avoid when booking flight tickets. Moreover, booking a plane online. What are the mistakes that we might be able to do and should we really avoid? Come see the 5 error reviews that must be avoided when booking the following flight tickets.


Did you know that with the same flight schedule the price of an airplane could be different? For travelers, especially backpackers will certainly choose the cheapest airplane ticket prices. It is not like that? Comparing ticket prices between airlines is considered as one of the effective ways to save on holiday budgets and also avoid post-holiday stress because of using too much money. Or if our money is excessive, we can allocate it to other financial posts. For example, buying souvenirs for our office friends. This is the importance of comparing prices between airlines. Before booking a flight ticket, be sure to check your flight ticket and book cheap flight tickets.


This is a mistake anyone can make when ordering airplane tickets. For example, we live in the city of Canada and we must attend our friend’s wedding party in the city of New york. So we must automatically fly to Lost Angels? Because our friend is a real friend, aka best friend. He invited us to come to his marriage contract too. The marriage contract is carried out at 8 am on Sundays, while the reception starts at 10 afterwards. Now with such a tight schedule, it’s wrong if we have to leave on the first flight even though it only takes 2.5 hours.

Because we also have to estimate the journey from LAX Airport to the reception area with uncertain traffic conditions from New York City. Then if we choose the night flight schedule, we also have to get ready with the possibility of flight cancellations and transfer of flight hours to the morning. But don’t worry Lax provides Lax overnight parking. Yep, flight delays are generally carried out due to weather or planes that can’t fly because of machines that need to be repaired and so on. To anticipate these things, we must be really good at managing time. We must be clever at managing our time so that our programs don’t fall apart because of the airplane schedule!


In this digital era, booking online airline tickets is not a strange thing anymore. So how do you find cheap tickets via the internet and how to order airplane tickets online?

How to Find Cheap Tickets through the Internet

This is what most people are looking for when going on vacation. Cheap ticket hunting in the internet world. Each airline provides a special column, even a special page for tickets on the official site. How to find cheap tickets is of course by opening each airline website. Or by opening a cheap ticket search application like Way,. In this Way application, we will be able to find ticket prices from each airline that we are looking for based on departure dates and travel routes. And sometimes, this ticket application will provide a much cheaper price than other websites. To get a price that really fits your wallet, it’s good to be patient to surf longer on the airline site and ticket application.

  How to Order Airline Tickets Online through

If we get a ticket that suits us. So, it’s easy to order airplane tickets online. We only need to follow the instructions or paths that have been printed on the airline website or ticket application. Because generally, they will give instructions by providing Book or Next navigation and so on. Most importantly, read all the policies before you click on the book, next to it or ok. not only can you book way tickets, you also have plenty of parking space, sky harbor long term parking for example.


The third mistake when booking an airplane ticket is booking a ticket too early. Yes, booking flight tickets too early from our departure schedule will sometimes overwhelm us. Like having to cancel or refund a ticket if it turns out that on the …