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How to Customize Sightseeing Tours For Travelers

How to Customize Sightseeing Tours For Travelers

Travel agents usually offer standard packages for destinations. Travelers can choose between the offers, but it’s not so easy to change the itinerary in a package. It is hard to find a customized sightseeing tour to personal interests. The advantage of having a private tour guide is the flexibility of sightseeing. Here are some tips for tour guides to create client-oriented sightseeing tours.

Consider the country origin of traveler. People from North America have different cultural background from Asian travelers. They are interested in different things at the destination. E.g. Tuk-tuk riding can be an amazing experience for American people while not to the interest of Vietnamese. Chinese travelers may find cathedrals imposing while British people are used to them at home. Japanese visitors prefer more time at shopping while Malaysian are more interested in foods. Even within the same continent say Europe, travelers from different countries will differ in their customs. People from the same origin share similarities in culture and customs. This may not apply to all individuals from one place. Yet knowing the country origin will help a tour guide to customize the initial tour schedule. The more a private tour guide considers, the more possible a client will confirm the sightseeing tours.

Consider the personal background. School teachers are interested in local schools and education system. Children prefer fun activities to pure cultural visits. Business people may want to see their industry products at the destination. Include something relevant to the traveler’s personal background when possible. This offers clients with a real customized sightseeing tour to their interest.

Consider the purpose of visit. Are the travelers coming for a family vacation? Is it a short extra day from business trip? Are they cruise passengers looking for a shore excursion? For family vacations, travelers usually look for a relaxed tour schedule. Entertainments and attraction for the kids will be appreciated. Business people are limited in time so they would prefer a compact itinerary to maximize the experience. Cruise passengers also stay short at destinations, from half a day to 2 days in one port. However, many cruise passengers would enjoy a leisure plan with visits to major scenic spots.

Consider other elements to make a better plan. For example, the number of people in the group to arrange transportation and restaurants, season and weather conditions if certain activities are affected, children and senior people in the group to adjust activity intensity…

Customizing a sightseeing tour is all about personal interest. Destination is the same but travelers want their own trip and unique experience. Sightseeing tours are not about the scenic spots, but about the traveler’s visit. It is “my” trip and vacation that travelers care. Therefore, tour guides shall develop the sightseeing tour to the traveler’s personal interest.…

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11 Clever Travel Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Planning vacation during holidays is kind of expensive as a result of during this period many people plan their vacation to the same destination for which you might be planning and consequently it ends in increased airfare. In reality, fashionable travel websites now provide travellers with a wide range of knowledge and onerous-to-find information so that they’ll better plan their leisure trips. After all, go see the White House the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument for an excellent feel of what Washington DC has.\n\nWebsite permits a traveler to stick digital pins on a world map. They do this by accepting a simple SMS from a traveler containing the nearest town to you and this is then plotted on a Google map. Collaborative travel planning companies like Triporama provide an online service designed to make travel planning easier.\n\nIf don’t learn about this provide and purchase tickets at a variety of impartial websites, you might be guaranteed to spend more cash, time and trouble. On other occasions, when you travel to unfamiliar growing international locations where infrastructure just isn’t as sufficient, it is better to make your arrangement through a trusted national agency who has long been in business.\n\nYou might be ready to effortlessly take a look at out numerous online travel sites to see what they’ve obtainable. These web pages could possibly be discovered with an strange internet search. Be conscious of any websites which might be onerous to navigate and look out for fares that appear beyond regular.…

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What Is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism Facts Explained

What Is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism Facts Explained

Medical tourism is the practice of travelling to different countries to get quality and affordable healthcare services. It is also referred to as global healthcare, health tourism, and medical travel. The term ‘medical tourism’ was created by the media and travel agencies to popularize this form of practice. Today, medical tourism has grown to become an official industry in more than 50 countries.

Why is Medical Tourism Popular?

So, what exactly are the benefits of medical tourism and why do people travel abroad for simple and complex medical procedures? The main factor that encourages medical travel is undoubtedly the high cost of medical care in developed countries like the United States. Most medical travel destinations offer surgeries at almost one-third the costs of developed countries. This translates into bigger savings for a person who has to undergo a complex medical procedure like a liver transplant or even for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Another reason is the high costs of medical insurance in western countries which have led to many people not opting for any medical plans. The high unemployment rates in the U.S and other European countries are another major contributing factor. Today, due to the deteriorating unemployment levels millions of people can no longer afford health insurance. So, a person not covered by health insurance has very less options other than seeking cheaper treatment elsewhere. As a result, medical travel has gained rapid acceptance and popularity in a short period of time.

Medical Tourism Costs Comparison

Here are some surprising cost comparisons which justify the existence of the medical tourism industry. A liver transplant in the U.S would cost close to a whopping $300,000, while a person who opts to travel to Taiwan would end up paying just around $90,000. This translates into savings of around 70 percent. Similarly, a heart valve replacement costs about $10,000 in India, whereas it costs around $200,000 in the United States. Women who plan to undergo complex cosmetic surgery have to spend a fortune in the U.S. In this case, a full facelift in South Africa would cost just around $1250 compared to about $20,000 in the United States. These glaring price cost savings are the most important reason for the huge growth in the medical tourism industry

Pros and Cons of Medical Tourism

Medical travel abroad isn’t just popular because of the cost savings. There are many other benefits too. For example, the waiting times for medical procedures in the U.K are long and cumbersome. On the other hand, in medical tourism, a patient’s entire procedure is planned and scheduled well in advance. Once the patient arrives in the host country, there is little to no waiting time. Here is another example to illustrate this point. In Canada, during the year 2005, more than 750,000 Canadians had to wait for an average of 9.5 weeks to get their medical procedures done. Canada also sets long waiting benchmarks ranging from 16 to 26 weeks for non-emergency medical procedures like cataract and hip replacement surgery.

While the medical travel industry has its benefits it also has its share of drawbacks and concerns. For example, a medical tourist can easily be susceptible to many diseases in the host country, where high standards of hygiene may not be available. A person from the United States may have low to no natural immunity levels to these diseases. These diseases could hamper or complicate existing health conditions. Some of the diseases that could weaken or complicate the recovery of the person are amoebic dysentery, influenza, typhoid, and tuberculosis. Health complications could also arise during travel due to cramped seats in airlines and long distance flights.

Even accredited hospitals in countries like India lack adequate complaint registering policies. This leads to a lot of patients being totally dissatisfied with the services offered. There are also many legal and ethical issues involved during organ transplantation in India and China. This primarily is due to the large-scale illegal purchase of tissues and organs in these countries. Despite these shortcomings, medical travel seems to be the way forward unless countries like the United States can manage to cut their medical costs drastically or start providing medical tourism insurance.

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

Many people are on the lookout for both simple and complex procedures like cardiac surgery, hip and knee replacement, dental surgery and cosmetic surgery. For these procedures the most popular medical travel destinations are India, Argentina, Cuba, Hungary, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The Philippines, Ukraine, Lithuania, and South Korea. High quality cosmetic surgery at affordable prices is available in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Colombia. Over the last few years, South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia have become a hot destination for world-class …

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Student Group Travel To Boston: Performance Trips That Are Educational!

Student Group Travel To Boston: Performance Trips That Are Educational!

If you are looking for a great performance destination with a historical twist, then Boston is an ideal choice for your student group trip. Bands, choruses, orchestras and dance ensembles have fantastic performance options from which to choose, where audiences are in abundance. Plus, your students will gain a real and vivid life education of the history of America and where it began. Known to many as the birthplace of the United States, Boston is one of America’s oldest cities steeped in history beginning with the Puritans who, in 1630, founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Known as the “Walking City,” student groups will have fun learning about American history in Boston. This vibrant, thriving city is renowned for its world-class museums, historical sites, monuments, educational institutions, delicious food, signature shopping, fantastic entertainment and professional sports. Boston not only retells the powerful stories of our nation’s past, but is willing to accommodate and entertain student groups as few other cities can. Student group travel to Boston is educational, both musically and historically!

Performance Opportunities in Boston

Three of the most popular performance sites in Boston include the Boston Conservatory, Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market and Six FlagsA� New England.

The Boston Conservatory, the oldest performing arts conservatory in the nation, offers student performance groups an award-winning theater that is newly renovated. The Conservatory just recently completed a $32 million, 16-month-long renovation and expansion project that effectively adds 16,000 new square feet of rehearsal and performance space to the building, as well as a completely renovated, state-of-the-art 300-seat theater with new orchestra pit, air conditioning and a host of technical upgrades and accoutrements. Conductors are constantly raving about the incredible acoustics within this theater.

At Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market, there are numerous locations for your school band, orchestra, choir or dance ensemble to perform in the most historic location in Boston. Your ensemble can perform outdoors where thousands of people shop and dine each day, giving you a large audience. Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market is one of the most visited historical attractions in Boston.

Just an hour and a half outside of Boston is Six FlagsA� New England. Like all Six FlagsA�, this theme park is exciting and has some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, gut-wrenching rides in the country including rollercoasters like Batman – The Dark Night, Bizarro, voted the #2 steel rollercoaster in the country, and the Cyclone, one of the largest wooden rollercoasters in the U.S. New to Six FlagsA� New England this year is Goliath, a heart-pounding roller coaster. With over 40 exciting amusement rides, an exhilarating water park and fantastic entertainment, Six FlagsA� New England will surely provide thrills and exciting times your student group will always remember. Six FlagsA� New England provides marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands, choirs, orchestras and dance ensembles an opportunity to perform in front of thousands of spectators at various sites throughout the park as well.

Historical Sites in Boston

The historical aspects of Boston are fascinating. Boston is both an indoor and outdoor museum of history and architecture. As part of your itinerary, you and your student group should include the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is 2.5 mile walking tour through Boston that takes groups around 16 significant historical sites including:

U.S.S. Constitution

Bunker Hill Monument

Copp’s Hill Burial Ground

Old North Church

Paul Revere House

Faneuil Hall

Boston Massacre Site

Old State House

Old South Meeting House

Former Site of the Old Corner Bookstore

First Public School Site and Ben Franklin Statue

King’s Chapel and Burying Ground

Granary Burying Ground

Park Street Church

Massachusetts State House

Boston Commons

Guided tours are available for student groups. However, the Freedom Trail is well-marked and can be self-guided. To obtain guides for your group, The Freedom Trail Foundation offers maps and other resources for educators at .

Opening Soon: Scheduled to open June 25 in Boston is the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Most of the museum will be located on a barge anchored next to the museum pier on the Fort Point Channel. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, the museum will have actors dressed in period clothing and the original Robinson Tea Chest that was thrown into the Boston Harbor on Dec. 16, 1773. Students will have the opportunity to throw a tea chest over the sides of the Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth, replicas of the original ships involved in the Boston Tea Party.

Other Historical Sites in the Boston Area

Don’t forget to include historical sites around Boston including Lexington and Concord, where the great patriot Paul Revere is best remembered for his ride through the countryside warning the Minute Men that “The British are Coming!” Lexington and Concord are also known as …

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If you’d like a vacation in one of the wonderful places on earth that you will bear in mind for years to come back, you need to positively have an Africa vacation. If you’re excited about doing that, you possibly can try Singles Holidays Over 50s. We Answer Your Questions In regards to the Finest Place to Visit in Puerto Rico , Tourist Spots, and Puerto Rico Travel Deals. Having vacation is possibly your best option for you to spend quality time together.\n\nMore than twenty-five completely different motels and suites await friends, while an abundance of cold and warm weather activities hold all visitors more than happily occupied. Sprawling beaches, a pristine golf course, mini-golf, tennis, climbing, an Alpine luge – this resort is packed to the brim with warm weather activities.\n\nBut if you want to visit overly developed vacation spots which require you to pay for almost every sight you see, then the bundle would by some means be somewhat unsuitable. Crete vacation family packages and travel specials may be purchased that supply youngster-care services for younger kids and plenty of fun activities for the older kids.\n\nThen when the time arrives in your vacation, you possibly can simply get pleasure from it at your holiday condo which has already been booked and prepared for you! There isn’t any trouble to find free rooms at a resort or the other frequent nuisances that accompany regular accommodation arrangements, making the whole experience so much easier.\n\nThere have, in reality, been many circumstances where the week spent here was found to be too quick, once the particular person may turn into one with the settings and free their body and soul, and begin to enjoy the nature and the classes of Yoga and the other activities.\n\nEarn $500 NEA Travel Dollars to use as partial fee on your next vacation. NEA Vacations presents you a world of travel discounts. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or your dream getaway NEA members can see more and do more for less. PLUS, as an added bonus, NEA Members can earn NEA Travel Dollars to use as partial fee on cruises, resorts, motels and vacation packages.\n\nLots of the motels also have special golf packages for the players. Vacation in myrtle beech is for everyone since there are 200 days of sunshine days and it has a temperate climate round the 12 months. With 60 miles of the attractive coastline to get pleasure from, there are a variety of sports that can be enjoyed throughout the year.…

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The Tudors – London Tour

The Tudors – London Tour

There are an immense array of things to do in London, from the conventional yet intriguing, such as London bus tours, London walking tours and Thames river cruises, to more idiosyncratic themed sightseeing experiences, such as a Tudor tour. Book with Globe Trips for a genuinely memorable, great value tour.

There are differing advantages according to which London Tour you choose. London bus tours are ideal for a rapid and sweeping overview of the finest attractions and landmarks in the magnificent capital, whilst London walking tours are perfect if you really wish to delve into a specific area of the city in depth. Choose for a sightseeing tour of London: they offer excellent value, and an extensive range for you to choose from. Their diverse walking tours range from Lively and Fashionable Soho, to Globe/Borough Market and Jack the Ripper tour. Thames river cruises are exceptional in granting you unique and wide-ranging perspectives over the most alluring areas of the city.

The reign of the Tudors, from 1485 – 1603, encompasses one of the most exciting periods in English History. The Tudors dynasty includes sovereigns such as King Henry VIII and his daughters – ‘Bloody’ Mary and Queen Elizabeth I. The legacy of the Tudors has certainly made an impact on London. Searching for the more unusual things to do in London? Take a Tudor-themed sightseeing tour of London, exploring magnificent Hampton Court Palace and savouring an exquisite Medieval Banquet.

Attend a Medieval Banquet and take a journey back into time and the court of Henry VIII. Knights, troubadours, contortionists, magicians, jugglers, minstrels and medieval tumblers and Henry VIII himself, will all play their part in transporting you to merry olde England in this immensely engaging dinner theatre experience. Relish a feast fit for a king as you enjoy your four course banquet, complete with unlimited beer and wine.

The ostentatious, infamous Tudor monarch, Henry VIII, is, beyond a doubt, the monarch most closely associated with majestic Hampton Court Palace, a major London attraction. Positioned spectacularly amidst 60 acres of formal gardens and over 750 acres of parkland, the Palace is truly a sight to behold. The Maze is a particularly spectacular and renowned aspect of the Castle, and the opulent, exquisite State Apartments also will not fail to mesmerize you.

There are practically illimitable London tours to choose from. Whether you wish for the Tudor experience or rather prefer a standard London bus tour or London walking tour, you are sure to have your wishes fulfilled, and, in fact, exceeded. Explore the most extraordinary London attractions on a sightseeing tour of London.…