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Types of Tourist Attractions You Can Visit with Dogs

Daily routine activities not only take quality time with family but also the time together with pets is reduced. Therefore, occasionally you need to invite the pet to vacation together. You can use the bag of dog carriers if you want to be not complicated when carrying your dog.

Now, there are some tourist attractions that apply the concept of dog-friendly. Here are some tourist attractions for dogs that you can visit.


The first tourist attraction for dogs that can be visited is the beach. It’s not only humans who want to spend time relaxing on the beach. Pets also need a place for them to pamper themselves on the beach. There are lots of exciting activities you can do with your lovely dog. For example, just take him running a little along the coastline. This activity can be a good exercise for dogs. With running, muscles and endurance pets become increasingly prime. Even so, always keep an eye on your pet to keep it safe and not disturb other visitors.


Inviting recreational pet dogs turned out to provide its own benefits for them. These benefits include being able to breathe fresh air. To get this fresh air you can take him around the city park every weekend for example. You can choose a park where there is a leash-free area, where you can release the dog leash so you can play freely.

Cafes and Specialty Restaurants

With the development of the cafe business, now many cafe owners who make the concept of dog-friendly for visitors. Although in some cities the number is limited but can allow dog treats to be able to recreation together. Not only that but this cafe usually also sells a variety of accessories for these pets. Dog-friendly cafes usually not only provide food for humans but also for pets. There are also grooming, styling and jacuzzi services for pets here.

Natural tourism

In addition to the beach, another natural tourist location is the right choice for a vacation with your beloved dog. If you take your dog to natural attractions, you can go to the hills, climb mountains, go to pine forests and many other places that are alternative. But the thing to remember is to make sure the dog is fit and always under surveillance. For that, you need to put on the good dog jackets so that your dog does not get sick while traveling nature. Indeed, some natural attractions allow visitors to bring pets. Even so, you must follow the applicable guidelines so as not to disturb visitors and other visitors’ pets. So that the vacation will feel fun.

Wildlife Exhibition

Vacation with dogs not only to natural attractions, cafes and other tourist attractions. You can also take him to wildlife exhibitions. In this exhibition, visitors will usually be free to bring their pets. The benefit that can be obtained from visiting wildlife exhibits is that your dog will interact with other animals. Likewise, with the owner who can interact or consult with experts or add relationships regarding hobbies and pets. Usually, wildlife exhibitions take place at safari parks and zoos. Interesting right?

Do not forget to keep the dog fit during the holidays in tourist attractions that can bring dogs, provide food with the best dog food that is able to rejuvenate the brain function of a favorite dog. Have a good vacation.…

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James Bond Island, a Must-Have Destination on Your Bucket List !!

One of the leading tourist visits for foreign tourists in Thailand is the coral island which has a name like one of the main figures of Hollywood films around the world called “The Man with The Golden Gun” which was very popular in 1974, James Bond.

James Bond Island Tours and in Thailand are familiar with the term Koh Ping Ghan, which is located in Phang Nga Province, Thailand and is one of the favorites in the Phuket tour package. If you are a fan of this one legendary figure, you must visit Karang Island to enjoy how beautiful the location of this Hollywood film shoot.

Located just over 95 km (60 miles) from the island of Phuket, James Bond Island or better known as Phang Nga Bay, is one of the islands in Southern Thailand. The island is known as a tourist spot for the first time through the phenomenal film James Bond in the sequel to The Man With The Golden Gun around 1974. Phang Nga Bay is also popular worldwide with its natural beauty, islands with towering cliffs or limestone scattered every where. on a stretch of sea water that is emerald green.

James Bond Island is the island itself, so to get a close view you need to use a tour boat or longtail boat.

This is information about how you get to James Bond Island:

From Phuket and Phang Nga:
-From Phuket use 402 across the Sarasin Bridge
-From East Phang Nga, use 402 for route 4 (Phet Kasaem Rd)

If you want to go to James Bond Island, I recommend visiting the website By taking a tour package at QBIC, you can take a vacation as much as you want to enjoy the wide variety of natural attractions on this island. Your vacation will feel memorable after capturing the most beautiful moments on James Bond Island.…

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Top 3 Las Vegas Pools For Kids

Las Vegas with the massive swimming pools of its inns, Water Park, exhibits, sights, neon lights, will definitely be the most effective reminiscence of their journey. Most inns have a number of swimming swimming pools which might be excellent for conserving the kids entertained and permitting them to have probably the most enjoyable time whereas their mother and father are having different kinds of delight as properly.

In case you are searching for the Finest Household Swimming pools In Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Travel Guide has talked about loads of them of their listing. And listed below are a few of their prime picks…

  • Circus Circus Lodge Splash Pool Zone

Circus Circus’ just lately renovated their whole pool journey including a huge 50′ tall waterslide beside one other three thrilling smaller slides, splash buckets, Splash Pad, and lots of waterfalls inside probably the most fascinating water park of theirs. Surrounding the swimming pools space, you will discover personal Cabañas out there to lease for the day and numerous Splash Snacks meals vans,

  • Mandalay Bay Pool

The a number of units of the Bay’s huge swimming pools make them present what we will name the Las Vegas Pools For KidsThey even constructed a fake seaside part included within the pool space with precise sand to simulate the form and texture of a summer season vacation. The most important amongst their swimming pools community is the monstrous, 1.6 million gallons with synthetic big waves that may go as much as 6 ft within the air.

  • The Swimming pools At The MGM Grand Lodge And Casinos

In terms of household and kids-oriented Las Vegas swimming pools, the MGM Grand Lodge has a lot to supply. Their Grand Pool is an enormous 6.5-acre set that has of three3 completely different swimming pools, one river, and three swirl springs all in-built an atmosphere mimicking a tropical scene. Tube rents can be found for the lazy river, and your children are going to like it for certain.

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4 Off-the-Beaten-Path Things to Do in Chiang Mai


The city Chiang Mai is a destination for thousands of digital nomads, long-term backpackers, and regular tourists. It certainly seems everyone wants to stay in this majestic mountainous city north of Bangkok. As such, you can expect crowds in popular attractions such as temples, bars, and markets. Fortunately, there’s always something else to do in this wonderful city that will take you away from the usual tourist traps and instead offer a more unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of them.

Get Massaged by a Prison Inmate

When in Thailand, you have to experience an authentic Thai massage. However, instead of going to the more popular spas in Chiang Mai, why not get one at the Women’s Correctional Institute Vocational Training Centre? It sounds dodgy at first, but when you think about it, you’re actually helping support this rehabilitation program for women inmates charged with minor crimes.

After dropping off your luggage at your Chiang Mai accommodation (ที่พักเชียงใหม่), take a tuktuk to the Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution at Rachvithi Road to sign up for your massage. Keep in mind that these women are still in training, so the quality of the massage may not be on a par with professional spa parlors. That said, the centre offers a variety of massages at such low prices that you can come and get a massage every day.

Chat With a Monk

Delve deeper into Thailand’s main religion, Buddhism, by having a friendly chat with one of their monks. Monk Chats is a program that provides an opportunity for visitors to have meaningful and sometimes funny conversations with Buddhist monks. All you need to do is to sign up at one of the main temples in Chiang Mai that offers the program, and a monk will be assigned to you.

You can talk just about anything under the sun, including their daily lives or their views about current events. As most of the monks are still learning English, they may come with a cheat sheet of questions to ask you and keep the conversation rolling.

There’s no fee required, but you are free to donate to the temple to support their programs and upkeep. Also, women are required to observe proper dress code and etiquettes such as not touching the monks or being alone with a monk. 

Learn Thai Cuisine Through a Short Cooking Class

Wish you can taste authentic Thai food after leaving the country? Why not enroll in a beginner cooking class so you can recreate all your favorite Thai dishes at home?

There are actually a lot of establishments offering cooking classes, but the most notable is the Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School located at Moon Muang Soi 9. Each class is held in a working organic farm and is the perfect backdrop for learning how to cook Thai dishes from scratch. Moreover, your class will be treated to a trip to the local market to learn how to select the freshest ingredients for your dish.

Stroll Through the Baan Kang Wat Artist Village

Located at the outskirts of Chiang Mai’s old historic area, the Baan Kang Wat is a small artist village and market that sells a lot of unique art pieces. Small cafes and ice cream shops can also be found in the complex that’s composed of 10 unique buildings that feature both traditional and modern aesthetics.

Amidst the retro artifacts and plants, you can stroll through each shop and end up filling your memory card with shot after shot of Instagrammable vignettes. The entire village exudes a creative vibe that’s incredibly charming and inviting. In fact, workshops are available for visitors who are curious enough to learn about their craft.

Chiang Mai is incredibly diverse and has a lot to offer every visitor. Don’t be discouraged by the crowds of tourists in one place. Instead, take it as an opportunity to diverge from the well-trodden roads and pave your own way, discovering experiences very few tourists have tried before.

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What to Bring from the Kangaroo Country

When you’ve finished your study or your temporary job in Australia and you plan to go home, going home with empty hand will never be in your plan, isn’t it? The people who have been waiting for your coming deserve something Australian-themed items that you might never find in any other places. When you find it difficult to choose which gifts are unique, Australian-themed, and light-weight to be carried on your luggage, the list of popular Australian gift ideas below might be helpful for you.

  1. Chocolate snacks

This kind of gift is very common and the most recommended one since it’s more fun to share it with family or friends. The most popular chocolate snacks from Australia are Tim Tam. Though you can find this chocolate all over the world, in UK or USA, but the Australian flavor is the one that you can only find it here. Don’t forget to try Tim Tam Slam while you are in Australia, a way to enjoy drink together with Tim Tam snack.

  1. Australian Novels

If you have friends or family members who like reading, then this kind of gift will be a perfect choice for them. However, if you yourself is not a book lover, and have no idea what book to buy, check on the list of 50 must read Australian novels. There are bunches of book choices for everyone

  1. Socks or ties

If you want to give your close friends a gift, you will need something personal to give.  This kind of gift is perfect choice for your mates or best friend. They will look so cute, and your spouse or best friend will appreciate the way you personalize your relationship with them.

  1. Koala Toys or Key rings

Koala is the icon of Australia, so it’s also one of the choices of a gift when you choose koala toys or key rings for you to bring home for your family in your hometown. They are cheap, simple, and of course, they don’t need much space in your luggage, so you don’t have to worry that you will have to pay extra money for the over-weight luggage.

Australia is a great country to visit and stay. But when your duty is off, then it’s time for you to go back home, don’t forget the list of the gift above to be brought for your family at home.…

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Why one should go for Evening Desert Safari?

Evening Desert Safari
At least once in a life time you should get an experience of seeing the sunset in the deserts, and what if those deserts are in Dubai? As we all know that Dubai is best known for its deserts especially desert safari. It should be on the first of your trip preference list .

Going for an Evening desert safari is that the excellent thanks to pay quality time your family and friends. You will select from a range of evening campaign deals that suit you. There is no better way to watch the attractive transformation of the golden sky into the starlit night than going for a night campaign. We have got a team of professionals who can make sure you have the best time in sand dune bashing. Our specialists are willing and happy to assist you create your trip actually unforgettable. We are going to guarantee your trip is hassle-free, therefore you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you wish additional info relating to evening desert safari worth per person in Dubai, be happy to induce in reality with our friendly client support professionals.

For the evening desert safari timings are usually after 4pm. You are picked from the pick-up location that you mentioned. Our expert drivers drop you to the desert. The moment you enter the desert in the evening you start feeling the vibes of strong cold winds blowing through your face and then you can click a dozen of pictures to update your social media.
In the evening desert safari you get to do some exciting activities like quad biking which is a 3 or 4 wheeled ride, Camel riding, sand boarding and etc.
When you are done with enjoying the evening desert safari to get some peace of mind, relaxation and rest a night camp setup is done for you in the sand dunes. Where you sit on Arabian carpets. Just imagine that calmness you will feel while sitting on a soft carpet in the sand dunes. The Arabic Music is played in the background.
In the camp you also get to enjoy the tanoura dance which is a special type of Dance. You also get to enjoy the Fire show which is done by the experienced and trained people. The most interesting part of this camp is that you also get a chance to decorate your hands with the Henna art. In the camp there are Henna art specialist who does the art that you want.

Skyland Tourism is a best tour operator which is known for its excellent Dubai Desert Safari Trip Services. We are known as the best Source for a quality trip. We at have a good wide range of evening safari deals. Have a glance at the activities that simply will neutralize your evening desert safari in sand dunes. Book your evening desert safari on-line now!…

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24. Does your travel insurance plan have everything that you need today?

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Vacationing at beautiful places is a great way to refresh your mind and body after being stuck in a monotonous, boring daily routine months. Travelling does not only succeed at giving you a break from a fast paced lifestyle, but it also broadens your horizon, educates you about different people and cultures, and introduces many new opportunities in your life.

Life is unpredictable, and travelling puts you in a vulnerable position

However, something so pleasant and delightful can often turn into a dreadful experience in the blink of an eye. If you are struck by misfortune, your perfectly planned trip can be shredded to pieces at the hands of a single bout of food poisoning or a thunder storm.

This is why it is so important to be always prepared for the worst and going through the trouble of buying a travel insurance plan. Buying a travel insurance plan is the best backup you could possibly have for any unforeseen unpleasant event.

You need to be extremely vigilant about what travel insurance plan you are investing your money into

But not all travel insurance plans are equal. You cannot simply run a Google search for travel insurance providers in your area and choose one at random. You need to sit down and see what each plan has to offer, and review your travel insurance plans before you make a final decision.

If you are looking for tips to make your travelling experience more delightful, click here. In this article, we will focus our attention on some of the most principal things a quality travel insurance plan should include. Let’s begin.

1.Your travel insurance plan should be covering any heavy medical expenses

Disease is an overwhelming thing to fight off, even when you in the comfort of your home. Add this hassle to the fact that you are in a far off, unknown place, and the entire ordeal can get doubly unbearable.

When you are vacationing at a distant island away from civilization, medical help can be tough to find and expensive to afford. In this trying time, it is your travel insurance that will act as cushion to your heavy medical expenses.

2.Any planned activities during the trip must be protected financially by your travel insurance

One thing that you must check and recheck before committing to an insurance plan is that all the fun activities you have got planned for the holiday are covered under your travel insurance policy. Be sure to read the fine print twice to be able to enjoy yourself fully as you go bungee jumping or rafting.

3.You should be able to file a claim in case of delays and cancellations

In case the weather is exceptionally bad and your flight gets cancelled, make sure that you are eligible for a reimbursement. The same applies if you decide to cancel your reservation at your hotel for whatever reason.

4.Your insurance should be responsible if someone else is hurt by an accident on your part

It is only ethical that you make sure your insurance covers personal liability. Do not put others at risk by opting for the wrong insurance plan!

5.In case your luggage is lost or stolen, you should be able to rely on your trip insurance policy

Last but not the least, your insurance should cover all your property – especially the valuable ones! Losing your personal belongings in a far off state and being stranded with no compensation is a situation nobody wants to be in.…