Nights are not just about nightmares.

Nights are so peaceful. Nights are all about dreams and sleep. We plan our trips and on a trip, we are so tired at the end of the day that we sleep. Have you ever tried staying up all night and that too at a trip? This sounds boring because you’ll have nothing to do. Wasting a night on a trip is not a good idea as well.

You should actually plan stuff for the night. You can try camping, dance, music, a good dinner, etc. You must be stuck as in where to go? I have an amazing idea. What about spending your night in a desert? In the Sand dunes? What about camping in a desert?

You must be astonished as in who offers this amazing deal right? Too many questions to ask and the answer to all of your questions is Desert safari Dubai. Yes, you heard it right. I know you must be thinking that who plans a night trip to a sandy area with no life. The Arabian desert is far more beautiful from your imagination. There is life, there is beauty.

Dubai desert safari offers an amazing deal that is an overnight desert safari. You will get a chance to spend the whole night in a desert. You can also enjoy camp activities.

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The nightlife.

Overnight Desert safari is more about Arabian culture and Arabian traditions. The camp activities are lit. You will love them. You can actually come alone or with your family or friends. You will love it.

Camo activities are lit.

The camp activities are so much fun. I will describe each one individually.

The beautiful colors of the skirt.

The first one is The Tanoura show. It is a folk dance and represents the Arabian culture. The performers wear a multicolored skirt and they take spin and turns. They spin very quickly and stop without complaining of any headache. They are so much experienced and they practice it a lot. The show is more associated with Sufism and it looks pleasing to the eyes.

Design your hands with henna.

The next is henna painting. The artists are wonderful. They know many henna designs and they will make beautiful designs on your hands or feet. It is a fascinating activity. Trying henna at a desert is a nice idea.

Fire show.

The fire show is the next one on the list. The performers know all the skills as in how to play with fire. They use fire strings and many other objects. They play with the objects which have the fire on them.

Feeling of Arabs.

Arabic costume photography is another camp activity. It gives a feeling of Arabs. Ask someone to take your pictures.

The belly dance.

The belly dance is also going. The dancers dance so beautifully. They are trained dancers.

Dinner Time.

The dinner served is so good and tasty. It includes buffet and barbeque.

After all the camp activities are over. You can sit in the desert for a long time.

The idea of overnight safari at Desert safari Dubai is perfect. You will enjoy your trip a lot .

By Suzana