Airline Travel – How to Get a US Passport in One Day?

Sometimes unexpected travel arrangements arise and it may require you to travel outside of the country. Or, perhaps in preparation for an international trip, you may have forgotten to get that one key aspect of international travel – your passport. It does happen on occasion, and when it does, you may need to get a passport in as little as a day. Is this possible? Can one really get a passport in one day?

There are a few ways of obtaining a passport in one day. You can do it yourself by visiting the US Department of State Passport Services, or you can use a private passport expediting service. The Department of Passport services are found in major cities including New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco. You can make an appointment to meet with someone to have the passport processed within a day’s time. If no appointment is available, you can still show up and plead your case, in hopes that they will be able to fulfill your request.

In order to get your passport processed within a day’s time, it’s imperative that you bring whatever documentation you have to prove your case. This could be an airline ticket or proof of an emergency situation is helpful.

Getting your passport in one day is also going to cost an additional fee for expediting the process, so you must also be prepared for that when completing your passport paperwork. Once all of this has been completed, you may then either pick up your passport or have it mailed to you. An expeditor service will have the passport to you the next day sent via overnight courier.

By Suzana