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Kerala Backwaters – An Enthralling Tour Option

Kerala Backwaters – An Enthralling Tour Option

Kerala Backwaters are all about serenity and nature. Amidst the beautiful land of Kerala lies this enchanting water stretch running through the splendid landscapes and countryside of the state displaying the culture and rhythm with which its people have been living for a long time. The harmony flowing through this place is surely contagious and it takes hold of every beholder and drift them to space that is untouched by the ruffles of life.

A person visiting southern India cannot return without exploring and savoring the delightful water expanse that has been eliciting people from around the world and leaving them in the state of utter admiration by its unmatched beauty. The best feature of touring this place is a houseboat or ‘Kettuvallam’ journey that shows you the traditional hamlets of Kerala marked with thatched houses and schools, swaying palm trees and local people indulged in their daily chores. The sight of the regional fishermen on the rice boats and people travelling through their long used transport channel make one wonder about the simplicity that still resides there.

One can just sink-in a comfortable cane chair and admire the nonpareil skill of the creator while savoring a hot cup of coffee and the sound of ripples in the water beside, and clearing the clutter from one’s mind. Kerala Backwater is an ideal escape for people with a hidden nature lover inside them that longs to explore the entrancing facets stroked on the canvas of the world. Every person who looks for a place to vent out his fatigue and to erase all the webs from his life must visit this amazing and natural retreat that would take him away from all the hustles of life.

What can be better than waking up with the first ray of the sun rising on the emerald water with chirping birds filling music in the background? There are not enough words to describe this amazing take of life, which seems so surreal even when one is actually experiencing it. One can perceive these things only when one takes a Kerala backwater tour that takes one along the palm-fringed banks of the interconnected rivers, estuaries, lagoons, lakes and canals that make this gem of a feature in the landscape of Kerala.

Hence, the beautiful land of Kerala made up of its lively culture, zestful people and panoramic topography is one of the best tour options in India, and the best of all its elements is its backwater that is abode to the most beautiful creations of the god, for which this state has been acknowledged as ‘the God’s own Country’.…

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Goa Tour for Wholesome Pleasure

Goa Tour for Wholesome Pleasure

Forming and dying waves in the pleasantly blowing winds swirling the huge palm trees decorated on the loosely flowing flickering sand. This is needless to say that it is a description about a beach; where people in colorful clothes get teasing and chirpy due the aura of the dynamic environment. If you really want to be part of this vigor then splurge in vivacious Goa tours. Traveling this place is more than just exploration but getting the lost zeal and wildness which have been rare asset for many.

Goa tour packages have been the desired choices by many globetrotters for sizzling in Portuguese culture; as 450 years of rule has brought huge influence which managed to capture many foreigners. Besides, around 39 beaches have shared their bits making Goa holidays charming and memorable. So, if you are planning for Goa tour then don’t deprive yourself from marking your presence on Arambol Beach, Dona Paula, Bagmola, Cavelossim, Calangute, Miramar, Varca, Majorda, Benaulim, Baga, Velsao, Condolim Beach, etc. All the aforementioned are few of the magnificent beaches with appealing and buzzing atmosphere.

It’s true that whole state is ruled by the virgin beaches outlining with coconut grooves, but the place has many other attractions in its kitty. Excellent wildlife, marvelous forts and palaces, stimulating fairs and festivals are highlights of Goa tour packages. November to March backs the visit to Goa, as relishing at the beaches and shaking your legs in the parties can only be done in wholesome and pleasant weather. In addition to this, you can be part of Goa Christmas tour during this time.

Goa Holidays are laced with following attractions:

Classic Churches

The rule of Portugal had given Goa numerous churches and Christian missionaries. This motivates many people to move to this place in the month of December for Christmas tour. The enthusiasm of celebration of the week long festival is multiplied when one gets chance to pray in old churches of Goa. St. Francis Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Malayattoor, Vallarpadam Church, Santa Cruz Basilica, Mar Thoma Pontifical Shrine and many more are beautifully created churches making tourist to opt for Goa Christmas tours.


Chapora fort, Fort Aguda, Mormugao fort, Tiracol fort and many more are exorbitant forts constructed under the Mughal and Portuguese rulers will take tourists to past. These extravagant creations are standing near beaches and offer awe-inspiring views.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Opting Goa tour packages will surely allure wildlife lovers as the place boasts some well known wildlife sanctuaries. Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Salim Ali bird sanctuary, Catigao wildlife sanctuary, Mollem national park, sacred groves and many more have managed to house exotic variety of flora and fauna.

Goa Carnival:

Three days grand cultural celebration in February is another reason for holidaying in Goa. Tourists are amused with the Grand feast, mask dance, high tone music band, fancy dress competitions, street play and many more which are the captivations of this mega celebration.

From beaches to festivals, each single aspect of Goa is warm, inviting and dynamic. Do you really need anything else to seek from Goa holidays?…

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India Tour Packages – Explore the Diversity of India at Its Best

India Tour Packages – Explore the Diversity of India at Its Best

The Indian subcontinent is a land of baffling paradoxes and intriguing charm that keeps alive the surprise factor of the tourists till the last lap. No matter whether you wish to indulge in desert safaris or the Pushkar mela of Rajasthan tour or soak up the grandeur of the temples down south in South India Tours, the bottom-line reads that the richness and diversity of India is so vast that it requires more than a life time to fully explore and experience it!

The easiest method to reach out into the most popular India tour packages would be to tie up with a reputed India tour operator. Packages are competitively priced and offer the flexibility of choosing those destination and activities that you prefer the most. If adventure and fun are your catch words this holiday, then place your bets on the wildlife tours.

Wildlife tours typically involve elephant or jeep safaris that take the tourists deep into the forests to see the wild life in their natural habitat. Some of the most popular wild life trails include the Project Tiger wild reserves including Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Bannerghatta National Park and Kanha National Parks, which are the last refuge to the highly endangered national animal of India, the tiger.

The wild life tours also will cover some of the finest bird sanctuaries like Bharatpur and Vembanad bird sanctuary, which attract migratory birds like Siberian Crane during the winter. There are various tour itineraries to choose from and the best part is that these tours will be entertaining and informative all at once.

India has 80 National Parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries where you can explore the wilderness of the tropical forests and a rich flora and fauna out in the wild. Some of the animals that you come across in any wild life tour would include tigers, elephants, rhinos, leopards, gharial and many species of monkeys and deer. India wildlife tours are great bets to beat a retreat from the urban mayhem and to enjoy a quite and relaxed outing with some of the magnificent birds and animals.

Wildlife is a popular holiday theme in India as it has the second largest base of wildlife in the entire world. The diverse landscapes that range from the Deccan peninsula, to the Gangetic plain, the Western Ghats, the Trans Himalayan region and the Northeastern regions, are homes to many wild life species and form the main wild life circuits in India. The best thing is that each of these regions has a unique animal population that is hard to come across in the other parts.

Jungle tours help in spreading awareness in nature conservation and wild life protection. Planning wildlife tours are easy as never before; thanks to the India tour packages that unravel the unexplored wilderness and charm of the Indian forests.…

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Experiencing the History of Cape Town on School Sports Tours

Experiencing the History of Cape Town on School Sports Tours

Some school sports tours head to South Africa to savour the delights of that country’s sporting heritage, and may also offer the chance to visit the wonderful city of Cape Town.

If so, it’s an opportunity not to the missed.

Why Cape Town and South Africa for sports tours?

South Africa has a long history of investing in sports and their facilities are excellent – both indoor and outdoor. Over many years, their athletics, cricket and rugby teams have become world famous, and it goes without saying that their weather also plays a factor in sporting development!

Students on school sports tours to South Africa are always given a very warm welcome. You’ll get the chance to join in with local clubs and associations in their coaching and training sessions and play competitive games against local sides. Opportunities exist in several sporting areas and you’ll also get the chance to see something of the country and its people.

The beauty and wonder of Cape Town

This magnificent city in South Africa is deservedly famous for some of its natural wonders – perhaps the best known of which are Table Mountain and its incredible natural harbour.

Yet this concentration on nature occasionally allows one to overlook the fact that historically and culturally this is a fascinating city and one that is well worth exploring.

A bit about the history

If school sports tours include Cape Town on their itinerary, knowing a little about its background may help students to put some aspects of the city into perspective. Although the Portuguese initially explored this area of South Africa, in a European sense, it was the Dutch that settled here in numbers and indelibly imprinted aspects of their culture on the city and surrounding areas. Indigenous inhabitants had, of course, occupied the area long before the Europeans ever arrived on the scene.

After some centuries of growth under Dutch rule, following various wars and machinations between the European powers, the city and surrounding colony passed into the hands of the British Empire who, in turn, gave it their own cultural flavour. Yet even before becoming part of the independent republic of South Africa, Cape Town benefited from successive waves of immigrants from various parts of the world. All of these peoples enriched the social and cultural melting pot that the city eventually became (even though in some cases, these populations were imported as slaves by the original Dutch colonists).

Modern times and the modern city

The birth of the modern Republic of South Africa is one of the great inspirational stories of modern times and it is likely many students will already be familiar with it. The legacy of all this history, along with more recent events, is visible in certain aspects of this great city and it is well worth exploration. The exact itinerary of school sports tours to South Africa may vary but if you get the opportunity, you may wish to try and see:

• The Malay quarter (more correctly called Bo-Kaap) – an incredible area of colourful houses and marvellous cuisine, with roots going back to slaves from Indonesia brought in by Dutch settlers in past centuries;

• The Victoria and Albert Waterfront – a very interesting development of 19th-century British imperial period harbour side buildings, now converted into cafes, bars, restaurants and interesting shops;

• Robben Island – a small, offshore island that is now a museum and wildlife sanctuary, but which was for many centuries was a place of imprisonment and isolation (e.g. for lepers). It achieved international fame and notoriety as the long-term prison of Nelson Mandela.

Of course, this is just sample and the actual sightseeing opportunities may vary from those above; but what can be said with certainty is that if you are visiting Cape Town on school sports tours, you won’t find yourself bored or at a loss for something to do!…

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Travel Websites You Can’t Miss For The Finest Vacation Deals

Finding low-cost airfares is simple to do when you observe some fundamental pointers and use the most effective travel sites. Normally these sites lure you in with great deals, but if you end up able to guide your deal, you must be part of their web site, and pay a charge. If you’re not yet in the travel business but wish to get a taster, you can even purchase a turnkey travel affiliate website.\n\nThere are a variety of necessary things to contemplate before you resolve which online travel website you’ll take care of. You need to choose the travel website which presents massive savings. Do not forget that one of the the reason why you’re using online travel websites is to save cash.\n\nYour keyboard literally delivers the world to your fingertips, offering you the opportunity to plan a dream vacation that won’t bankrupt your finances. While looking out online, you could discover vacation ideas that never wandered by way of your mind before – ideas that may be excellent for building recollections, finding leisure, and for experiencing exhilarating adventures.\n\nAll these presents are centered on low-cost air tickets and low-cost airfare deals. Generally you may get low-cost international tickets when you guide a round trip and there are numerous other such suggestions that you could be taught if you observe the sites.…

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Temecula Limo Services Offer Experienced Drivers That Are Familiar With Temecula Wineries

Temecula Limo Services Offer Experienced Drivers That Are Familiar With Temecula Wineries

Tour Southern California in style and luxury in a Temecula limo. Whether you are taking a winery tour or planning a night on the town, Temecula limousines are a great way to relax and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Having earned the right to be titled one of California’s most extraordinary cities, Temecula has something to please every visitor, including concerts, casinos, wineries, outdoor activities, theatrical productions, and astounding scenery. So, pack away your maps and GPS and let your friendly, knowledgeable chauffeur navigate the route while you sink into luxurious seats, sip award winning wine, and admire the view from your first-class vantage point. After all, who can resist being treated like royalty for a day?

Temecula Limo Services offer experienced drivers who are familiar with the city and its attractions. They provide knowledgeable information, recommend locations, and help passengers arrive at each of their destinations safely.

Most established limousine companies in the Temecula Valley have qualified drivers that have been established in the transportation business for years. They exhibit ingenuity and the confidence that you would expect from a limo service that you would hire.

A great example of this is put to the test time and time again. Picture this, you and up bunch of friends are out wine tasting. All of you seem to have an idea of where to go, what to see, and how to do it. Leave it up to your limo driver to draw conclusion based on his or her experiences. I’m sure that they will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Your limo drivers know the hotspots that people asked for, but are not found on any GPS. If you ask your limo driver to take you to a Temecula Winery that had a picnic area, they would probably take you to Keyway Wineries.

Or, let’s say you wanted to go on a sunset tractor ride. I’m sure your limo driver would take you directly to the Ponte Winery where you can make some wonderful memories.

One more great example of knowledge your driver should exhibit to you is knowing where the best wines are in the Temecula Valley. Your limo driver should know where the best almond champagne is. Of course, the limo driver would take you directly to the Wilson Creek Winery.

Asking your limo driver to take you to some award-winning wineries in the Temecula Valley would be just a bit harder. There may be three wineries your limo driver may take you to. One of them will be the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, yet another one may be the Callaway Winery. For sure your driver will take you to is the Thornton Winery, where they have received more awards with their sparkling wines in any other of its competition in the United States combined.

With no worries about transportation, you can enjoy the fine wine and cuisine knowing that your luxury limo is always at your service. Tour wineries and vineyards, participate in wine tastings, and finish your day with an elegant dinner at one of the many acclaimed restaurants.

Plan a bachelorette party or a girls night out and have your limo driver chauffeur you to exciting nightclubs where you can dance the night away. Take in a show, be pampered at a spa, or spend the day at the Promenade Mall. At the end of the evening your driver will see that both your dancing feet and your piles of purchases arrive safely back at your home or hotel.

Gather the guys together and rent a limo or limo party bus that will take you to one of the many award winning golf courses where you can enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. Continue the party at a local bar and grill or popular nightclub.

Imagine a romantic evening with your true love – luxury limo, dimmed lights, beautiful music, and chilled champagne. Travel to a hot air balloon where you can propose to your special someone while admiring a sky high view of rolling hills and beautiful vineyards. End your perfect day with an entertaining jazz concert or a romantic stroll, knowing your limo driver is ready to take you home when you give the word.

Many companies host corporate functions at Temecula wineries and restaurants, and what better way to honor the hard work and dedication of employees than to have them ushered to the event in true luxury limo style? Everyone will feel special and appreciated, and at the end of the evening, driving and safety issues will not be a concern.

Whether visiting the city, touring the sights, or simply traveling to events, Temecula limo services will get you there on …

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All the Adventure Chiang Mai Has to Offer

All the Adventure Chiang Mai Has to Offer

Chiang Mai often plays host to hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world. This mountainous city of Northern Thailand is an ideal spot for vacationing because of its luscious views, cool weather, and friendly townsmen. It is often referred to as the Rose of the North, and it continues to attract more and more visitors from different places. Because of its inviting weather and the numerous things to do and places to see, vacationers tend to stay longer than they planned. Facilities are very affordable, and the sports activities, tours, and trekking offers are all exciting and fun.

The town isn’t overly dense in population, but despite this, the number of activities and things to do in Chiang Mai are almost endless. Whether planning to learn and discover the rich history through its ancient temples or ruins, or to experience the fun activities the Thais are ready to offer, Chiang Mai is the place for all.

Although sightseeing could be the first thing that they would wish to do, the countless activities waiting for then may permit them to experience the entire thrill they are about to embark on. They can start off with soft adventure tours with elephant rides. The many activities that visitors may choose from include horse back riding, balloon flights where they can also enjoy seeing the scenery from up there.

Other activities are biking tours, boat cruising with company, off-road motor bike touring, white water rafting, sea kayaking, rock and wall climbing, bungee jumping, hiking to waterfalls, paint ball fights and abseiling back down, flying down the jungle canopy zip line, mountain trekking, or racing with buddies at many go kart tracks.

Physically challenging sports available for all to experience rope in the world famous Muay Thai, regardless of the level of expertise ‘ from beginners to experts. Bowling is also a commodity offered at the different bowling alleys in the city. Vacationers can also try playing golf at the numerous golfing clubs found everywhere. Ice skating rinks are also there for everyone to try and enjoy.

If the tourists prefer relaxing activities, they can go for the yoga training and sessions offered, to find their inner peace with the world, or join cooking classes to discover their hidden talent with food. Getting pampered is also an option because of the many services offered, such as spas, massages, and other relaxing treatments.

Night comes, but no one ever said the fun should stop. After all the activities done and places seen during the day, it is but right to enjoy some hangout time with family or friends. With its many restaurants and bars, tourists can enjoy all the local cuisine and specialty food. For more intense entertainment, bars and clubs are situated all over the center of the city.

The fun and excitement will continue with all the partying happening across the area. Looking for a fun spot in the city is never a task to either first time tourists or repeat vacationers. This is because bars and clubs, even karaoke lounges and discos are located almost everywhere. There is no need to look for them, because most of the time, tourists will just stumble into the party hotspots in the city.…