Amsterdam’s Best Walks

Combining the historical and modern, offering a motley of religious affiliations constructed on secular ideals, boasting the high culture of the Hermitage Amsterdam alongside the decadence of the Red Light District, Amsterdam is a city coloured with contradictions. The variety that the city offers makes it, perhaps, the most unique tourist destination in the world. To fully appreciate the diversity of Amsterdam’s attractions, tourists need to get up close. Amsterdam walking tours offer an unparalleled view of the city and its intriguing inhabitants.

Amsterdam walking tours are as varied as the city they focus on. An oft forgotten, yet crucial, aspect of the city is that much of it lies below sea level, earning it its nickname of “Venice of the North.” Not only is Amsterdam built on a swamp, much of it was built centuries ago using a canal system that was impressive for its day. Walking tours are available that will not only visit such remarkable canals as the Signel and the Herengracht, but will also divulge their histories as a medieval moat and the city’s first major canal, respectively. On these tours, you can learn what prompted Amsterdam’s daring construction and the technology that made it possible.

Amsterdam is well-known for its coffeehouses and the cannabis they sell. Of course, many of the tourists who visit Amsterdam have never smoked in public before. Their inexperience makes buying the drug in Amsterdam both awkward and intriguing, a combination that makes a guided tour of the adventure worthwhile. While touring the coffeehouses of Amsterdam, you’ll be able to talk with shop owners while under the direction of a knowledgeable guide.

A vacation in Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to the infamous Red Light District. There are many walking tours available that offer a unique perspective on this historic area and the even more historic profession that sustains it. Such tours will visit the pubs and coffeehouses that line the Red Light District. Some will even give you a glimpse of the inside track of the prostitution business by arranging a question and answer session with a former prostitute and a visit to the prostitute information centre.

Walking tours are the best way to experience Amsterdam. The numerous hotels in Amsterdam can offer information on many more walking tours. In fact, Amsterdam hotels are conveniently located to take advantage of these tours and the personal perspective they offer.

By Suzana