Deals on Trips to Dublin Ireland – Travel Packages and Car Rental Discounts For Ireland Vacations

While these things to do in Dublin are going to vary according to your personal tastes and needs, all of these Dublin attractions have entertained and educated travelers and Irish natives for many years. While bus tours of Ireland are a very popular way to see the Irish countryside and visit Irish castles and cottages, but without a doubt the most popular thing to do in Dublin is to take the walking tour of downtown Dublin and get a great overview of Ireland’s rich history. It is extremely interesting and a good value and a good foundation for understanding the culture in Ireland.

A lot of these suggestions will be determined by the weather in Ireland, understand what time of year you are traveling and check the WeatherChannel before you depart. Plenty of travel deals and airfare deals to Ireland exist, especially if you are flexible with your vacation plans. Well one thing you can do rain or shine is enjoy a night of Irish pub singing and dancing then visit the world renowned Merry Ploughboy Irish Music Pub and enjoy a great night of Irish entertainment as performed by the owners of the bar, which just happens to be the band.

Looking for something a little different in Dublin. Over the Top Tours is known for displaying Dublin in a different light. If you want to explore Dublin from a unique perspective. Many travelers to Ireland tend to participate in the singing and dancing once they have enjoyed a few Guinness, so if this sounds more your speed check out the Irish House Party. You will learn about Irish music and get to perform if you are brave.

Maybe you want to sit back in a luxury coach or Ireland car hire and take a day tour of Wicklow. The Sally Gap, Glendalough, The Meeting of The Waters, Avoca and the Wicklow Mountains at Glencree. A beautiful trip in the Irish countryside giving you a glimpse of life in the county. St. Michan’s Church has been the highlight of many visitors to Dublin and a lesser known treasure of the city.

How about a Rural Pub Tours. Visit many traditional country pubs on this one of a kind tour, I hope you remember it, people tell me it is a cool thing to do while in Dublin. A night of magic and mystery is available in the Secret Castle of Magic a great night out to say the least. And don’t forget about a round of golf in Ireland.

Plan ahead and make sure you get a Dublin airport hotel the night before your flight from Ireland to USA, because most of these flights leave very early in the morning and require you to be nearby. Enjoy your holiday in Ireland and take advantage of the many travel deals to Ireland that are now available.

If you are in need of a rental car in Ireland please keep in mind that they drive on the other side of the road in Ireland and if you are not familiar with driving on the opposite side of the road it can take some getting used to. Also do not drink and drive in Ireland, the laws have gotten very tough in the last few years and DUI roadblocks are a common site all around Ireland.

While in Ireland you may want to try one of the four star hotels in Dublin and enjoy all the amenities that money can buy. Some of the more popular and highly rated hotels are the Hampton Hotel and the The Marion Hotel. Other highly rated hotels in Dublin include The Westbury Hotel and Number 31. Try one of Dublin’s favorite restaurants and you won’t be disappointed, Pearl Brasserie, queen of tarts and The Pig’s Ear will all leave you with the flavor of Ireland and Irish food. Trips to Ireland have never been more affordable and deals abound for the travelers to Ireland.

By Suzana