At present, there are a lot of activities or campaigns carried out in offices to be able to motivate its workers. One of them turned out to be done through food. Through food, a sense of sharing can be an intimate activity in the office.

Whatever the job, everyone must eat together, in fact, it becomes a fun activity and makes them more excited. You can also call the indoor team building as a team-building event by adding several additional events to increase cooperation and teamwork between office workers.

Well, there are several ways you can do to make this activity fun and of course, make solid teamwork.

  1. Schedule Ice Cream Day

Arrange a schedule to bring ice cream every week with friends from the office. This sweet way can you make everyone closer or gift ice cream to one of your best friends.

Wednesday, maybe the right day to do it because it can increase morale in the middle of the week. Invite everyone to join and bring their favorite ice cream.

Try to make an experiment by mixing various flavors to make it even more fun. And for those who are worried about their health, especially about sugar, just replace the ice cream with yogurt that is sold in the market.

  1. Eating Together at Outside the Office

Occasionally doing activities outside the office is a positive way that can be done to reduce the existing burnout.

Choose one day a week for lunch with all your friends at work. To make it more fun, everyone has the right to get a turn to determine the destination location. The goal is to be more diverse, not boring and each worker can share stories about their favorite places to eat.

  1. Select The Garden

Indeed, only a few people can be lucky if the office is adjacent to the garden, right! Because if it’s close then you can plan to make a short road tour.

This method is definitely more fun because everyone can enjoy fresh air, exercise and get the sun. A comfortable atmosphere like this can familiarize everyone and can pump up the enthusiasm to work harder.

  1. Cook Together

Yes, indeed this method is a more specific way that can get many people involved. Cooking can indeed make a lot of people gather and work together. So, try occasionally setting a cooking schedule along with the theme. Or to make it more challenging just to make the competition, whose cuisine is the most delicious.

  1. Order Food

If you are leading a project and are working with a team, then lunch or dinner together should be an agenda that should not be missed. Although there may be some who choose to eat at their respective tables at work, it can kill a little boredom in front of the computer.

Eating together will be even more fun if it is really used to chat without any interference from smartphones or other gadgets. Besides being full, the benefits can melt the atmosphere and make everyone happier and work more lightly and productively.

By Suzana