When you’ve finished your study or your temporary job in Australia and you plan to go home, going home with empty hand will never be in your plan, isn’t it? The people who have been waiting for your coming deserve something Australian-themed items that you might never find in any other places. When you find it difficult to choose which gifts are unique, Australian-themed, and light-weight to be carried on your luggage, the list of popular Australian gift ideas below might be helpful for you.

  1. Chocolate snacks

This kind of gift is very common and the most recommended one since it’s more fun to share it with family or friends. The most popular chocolate snacks from Australia are Tim Tam. Though you can find this chocolate all over the world, in UK or USA, but the Australian flavor is the one that you can only find it here. Don’t forget to try Tim Tam Slam while you are in Australia, a way to enjoy drink together with Tim Tam snack.

  1. Australian Novels

If you have friends or family members who like reading, then this kind of gift will be a perfect choice for them. However, if you yourself is not a book lover, and have no idea what book to buy, check on the list of 50 must read Australian novels. There are bunches of book choices for everyone

  1. Socks or ties

If you want to give your close friends a gift, you will need something personal to give.  This kind of gift is perfect choice for your mates or best friend. They will look so cute, and your spouse or best friend will appreciate the way you personalize your relationship with them.

  1. Koala Toys or Key rings

Koala is the icon of Australia, so it’s also one of the choices of a gift when you choose koala toys or key rings for you to bring home for your family in your hometown. They are cheap, simple, and of course, they don’t need much space in your luggage, so you don’t have to worry that you will have to pay extra money for the over-weight luggage.

Australia is a great country to visit and stay. But when your duty is off, then it’s time for you to go back home, don’t forget the list of the gift above to be brought for your family at home.

By Suzana