Fascinating Myths of Taj Mahal – Its Unique Branding

Enamoring Taj Mahal in Agra a magical creation of dominant Mughal dynasty is undoubtedly one of the seventh wonders of the world. In 1983 UNESCO declared Taj as a heritage site for its mesmeric architectural composition an aesthetic work of humanity till date unrivalled.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan a lover of art and sculpture built the breathtaking Taj Mahal on the banks of Yamuna in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal in the mid 17th century. The Taj is esteem Mughal structural prominence which is a treasure of India tour and without a visit to the Taj, tour of India is unfinished.

Enchanting Indo-Islamic architectural elegance and Persian grace of Taj’s structure is a symbol of true love which inspires generations to believe in the divinity of love. The hypnotic tours of India mesmerizes millions of vacationers to its premises every year. This magnetism is further enhanced by the sparkling controversy as well as myths surrounding it over 3 centuries which is a self acclaimed branding agents of this historic monument.

Taj Mahal’s white marble tomb is a disguise of its shocking truth which will give a new turn to history and is an example that since time immemorial the people in power have twisted the fact fir there well being.

Famous Fascinating Myths about Taj Mahal in Agra

* Emperor Shah Jahan was planning a mausoleum to be built in black marble which would have surpassed the beauty of the existing Taj but the infamous war with his son lead to the failure of the plan.

* European Scholar’s are to the opinion that Taj Mahal was designed by an Italian architect Geronimo Veroneo

* A popular myths states that with every passing year Taj is sinking

* Myths have always valued the amputation of fingers of all craftsmen, architects and artisans who contributed to its construction by Emperor Shah Jahan; the logic for amputation was that no person could ever recreate the magic of Taj

* It is also believed that Taj was an ancient abode of Lord Shiva

* An interesting myths states that the changing colors of Taj depicts various moods of a woman

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By Suzana