Disneyland is one of the funniest places on earth. Any adventures by disney travel agent would say that Florida is the main reason why the funniest place on earth, Disneyland is so popular. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and great climate. So, what is the best thing to go here in a place like this, Disneyland! Disneyland has so many rides from themed to extremely thrilling. You feel like you have entered a new world. Each part of the park is themed, so you feel like you are literally apart of a different world depending on which part of the park you visit. Everything is dressed up in a way that makes it seem like they are part of another time period. They match the food, the appearance and overall feel together to make coherent look. To add to the fun there the charm of people adds to what is so appealing about Florida. Yes, it is the Sunshine State, because as the weather you just get a warm feeling while visiting and taking everything in. Disneyland and Florida go hand in hand because they both help each to be great for the people who come to visit. Great weather and a place to act like a child is the best place to be!

What to Eat at the Funniest Place on Earth

There are so many places to eat in Disney or the homeland of Florida itself. Florida is known for its Hispanic descent, so you could definitely enjoy some authentic cuisine. Disneyland, itself can be considered one of the greatest places in the world to eat because of how many possibilities there are to eat. Each park is themed in Disneyland, so imaging having themed restaurants that compliment this trend. For instance, depending on which part of Disneyland you are in there is a restaurant that follows this theme exactly. It is as if you are transported to another dimension because the entire culture of the place is different to anything else. You enter into a world where you literally become a part of the world. You get a taste of everything. You are a part of smaller world that is within a bigger world.

Bring Your Whole Family at the Funniest Place on Earth

Florida itself is family oriented. The sunshine, the beach, the weather, Disneyland is literally the most family loving place on earth. Disneyland includes people who literally dress up as beloved characters to make memorable moments for you and your loved ones. You can literally run up and hug your character. It is like a wish come true. Even other people like your waitstaff are also so nice that the make you feel so loved and welcome, like they are your family or home. Even people in Florida give you a feeling like no other. They can give you a run down of the history of Florida in such a beautiful manner because the locals are beautiful people.

By Suzana