How To Buy Touring Bicycles

If one of your life’s ambitions is to be like Lance Armstrong and participate in bicycle tours, you definitely need to invest in touring bicycles. They are expected to provide its riders with a lot of mileage, so you would want to spend your money on a good quality bike that is robust enough to withstand harsh environments, yet is comfortable enough to be ridden for long periods of time. Because bicycle tours require each cyclist to carry his or her own travelling kit, you would also want to find a touring bicycle with a long wheelbase to allow for easier peddling even when you are weighed down with your other gear.

Points to Look Out For When Selecting One

Speaking of travelling gear, make a point to look out for multiple mounting points on your bicycle as there’ll be plenty of items you’ll need to have easy access to, such as mounts for your luggage and bottle. Since your bicycle will be weighed down with so many items, touring bicycles typically come equipped with heavy duty wheels to withstand the extra load. To provide further comfort during the ride, choose flexible frames rather than highly rigid frames.

They come in five different types to cater to all kinds of cyclists. There are ones that are suitable for short day trips known as sporty touring bicycles that are not only faster but also lighter. For those who intend to carry more gear and travel further, it is best to stick to the traditional form of the touring bicycle. The other three types of touring bicycles are basically variations that lie in between these two extreme forms of touring via the bicycle.

Investigate Before You Buy

Before you take a trip to the store, you should also look up information on the different types of brakes installed on touring bicycles. The frame is also customizable to a whole array of metals as well. Because human bodies come in all shapes and sizes, a touring bike also varies in terms of dimension. Last but not least, do remember to kit yourself up with proper protection gear as well as safety should always come first, even when you’re out having fun.

By Suzana