Love is a very subjective and complex feeling because it cannot be touched, and it is challenging to study and define. However, even though love cannot be seen or touched, the most important thing is that it can be felt and experienced with extreme intensity.

To love requires time to get to know the other person, both the good and the bad, both the defects and the virtues. Love starts from the basis of reality, where you stop seeing your partner in an idealized way. It is considered that to love a person, you have to put in a balance between the good and the bad of him and then love him.

When the person you are in a relationship with has reached that level of intimacy and rapport that you cannot find with anyone else, it is time to take the relationship to the next level. What could be better than spending the rest of your life and raising your children with your best friend?

Once you have decided to take the step, now there is only one thing to do, make it unforgettable! And the first step to achieving this is to create a unique wedding invitation. Choosing your wedding invitations is increasingly difficult when you’re not clear on what you want, due to the many options available today. You must select the right one according to your tastes and the type of wedding you will have. Once you have chosen it, it is time to think about the wedding invitations’ text, and here we will give you the keys and advice you need to make them perfect.

1. Basic information

Before letting your imagination run wild, don’t forget that a unique wedding invitation also has an informative function that you should conveniently fill out with the following:

  • Your names
  • Your parents’ names
  • The date, place, and time of the ceremony
  • The confirmation addresses
  • Your and each family’s phone numbers

These data are crucial and should be clearly stated in the invitation, accompanied, if possible, by directions, maps, and clarifications of all kinds, especially for guests coming from other countries and needing more specific information.

2. The protocol

Although the bride and groom have full freedom to face their invitation, the protocol indicates specific ways of acting covered, generally, by a formal language. If the strictest protocol is followed, the parents should be the ones to introduce the bride and groom and their future liaison. Therefore, even though you are in charge of the invitations, speak as if your parents were doing it and use strict protocol and kind language. The text, which is usually placed in the center of the paper, should include your names and an invitation message accompanied by the previous section’s primary data.

The families’ names should appear in the two upper corners, to the right and left and below, centered, but the text and the ceremony’s data should follow. The address of these will also be written in the lower corners, on both sides of the text that will read, “please confirm your attendance RSVP.”

The invitation can be written differently, for example, in the case of second weddings or brides and grooms with children, omittiRSVPhe name of the parents and leaving only the couple’s name.

If you want to be sure that the invitations’ elaboration will be a success, you have to count on a professional who gives you confidence and assures you a perfect product. Pick a brand specialized in graphic planning and branding for weddings that will create a unique and exclusive design for your wedding, resulting from your wishes and ideas. In addition to the invitations, they offer you the possibility of making any poster for the celebration: seating plan, labels, table numbers, photocall.

3. Your seal

The wedding invitation has always followed very strict and classic designs, but this has changed over time. The most important thing is that it is a letter of presentation for your wedding, but above all, the way of designing and writing it is by your way of being and your tastes.

In addition to choosing the content and texts of your invitations, you may have to take some time to think about the colors and, of course, have the advice of real professionals in the industry as Invite. Of course, Tastes are the first thing to consider, as long as you choose colors that read well.

By Suzana