Kerala’s Coastal Town – Kannur

Located in the northern part of Kerala, Kannur was the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas for many centuries. Today this city is for its handloom industries. One of India’s largest beedi industries is situated in this area. Kannur is also counted in the one of the best ten cities of India.

Major Tourist Attractions:

Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located on slopes of Western Ghats and is famous for its semi green tropical forests. This is a very calm and serene place and a delight for wildlife enthusiasts. Here one can see different kinds of deers, boars, elephants and bisons. This place is also rich in plant kingdom.

St Angelo Church: Also known as Fort Kannur this church was built by Don Francisco de Almeida in 1505AD. He was a Portuguese Viceroy. This church offers a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. St Angelo has a long history. In 1663 it was captured by Dutch. In 1772 Muslim rulers ruled it and finally it was captured by the British.

Payyambalam Beach: It is situated about 2 km from Kannur and is a very tranquil and peaceful beach. It is also a very prominent picnic spot. It is very seclude beach and the perfect destination to spend the holidays in the lap of nature. The lush green palm trees and blue water is a true delight for travelers.

Dhramadam Island: This Island is a major center for the believers of Buddhism. This place is fully covered with beautiful coconut palms and plush green bushes. The mesmerizing and serene tranquility of this region is very popular among tourists.

Jagannatha Festival: This festival is celebrated for eight days in the months of February to March and is dedicated to Lord Jagannatha. This fete is popular for the procession of brilliantly decorated elephants.

By Suzana