Medical Tourism and Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism is growing in popularity among Americans and Europeans who would like to undergo plastic surgery but do not want to pay the high prices charged in the United States and Western Europe. Procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tuck can cost upwards of $10,000 each in developed nations; patients can travel to places such as Mexico and Thailand and undergo treatment for less than what they would pay in their home country. While traveling to other countries for plastic surgery can save you some money, it is important to make sure you choose a qualified surgeon to perform your procedure and allow yourself adequate recovery time before traveling again.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Surgeon

Before you decide to go abroad for aesthetic treatment, make sure you find a surgeon who has the requisite education, training, and experience to perform your procedure. Selecting a great surgeon can help you avoid painful side effects and other complications that can arise during and after surgery. If you cannot find a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable in the host country, consider having surgery performed by a local surgeon that has the appropriate credentials and referrals.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Period

Patients that undergo surgery, especially those that undergo more extensive treatment such as tummy tuck or combination procedures, will need an appropriate amount of recovery time before they can return home. You will need to allow at least one to two weeks to recover in a hotel or medical facility, and to meet with your plastic surgeon for follow up visits.

Medical Tourism Travel Packages

Many plastic surgeons in Mexico, Thailand, and other countries offer cosmetic surgery packages that include airfare, hotel accommodations, and the cost of all medical treatment. While these specials can make aesthetic treatments more affordable, potential patients should consider the potential risks associated with undergoing surgical procedures in another country.

By Suzana