Rajasthan Tours: Relive The Golden Ages Of The Forts And Palaces

India is one of the most preferred tourist destinations around the world. People from various parts of the globe come here to travel this thrilling country. India is famous for its elegant monuments and structures. Built over many years by various rulers of India, there are hundreds of historical monuments present in every part of the country. It has the second highest number of protected monuments in the world.

Located in northwest of India lays the majestic desert state of Rajasthan. It has vibrant royal history, which is filled with tales of kings and queens, royal battles and traditions. Grand palaces and forts can be spotted in every nook and corner of Rajasthan. Rajasthan was ruled by Rajputs, a brave dynasty famous for their strong cultural roots. They built hundreds of forts and palaces as a symbol of their rule.

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Chittorgarh and Udaipur are few of the places where there are many grand forts and palaces. The Amber fort is a shining example of the architecture in Rajasthan. It was built by three rulers and took around two centuries to complete the work. The structure of fort has influence by Hindu and Mogul architecture. It stands magnificently on Maotha Lake. The interiors of Amer fort have beautiful painted engravings, stone and mirror work. The fort has an inbuilt Kali temple, which is popular as a Shiva temple is a major attraction in the fort. There is also a zenana or the women’s place which is structured in a way that it keeps the area exclusive.

The elegant Chittorgarh Fort is located in 175 kms east of Udaipur. The fort is spread over 700 acres and has many structures inside like temples, regal palaces and towers. The entry point of the fort is known as Rampal. The fort has two famous towers, Kirti Stambh and Vijay Stambh. There are many reservoirs inside the fort. There is a famous structure made of stones and rocks known as Gaumukh, which is structured like a cow’s mouth. A spring of waters comes out of this structure and pours into the reservoirs. Chittorgarh Fort is famous for its history. It has been captured thrice by various emperors. Chittorgarh Fort is a must visit for every tourist coming to Rajasthan.

Hawa Mahal also known as Palace of Wind was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1779 AD. The palace is famous for its interesting and unique architecture. The palace has many screens and arches which enables free flow of wind in the palace. The palace was built by a famous Indian architecture Lal Chand Ustana. Hawa Mahal is built of red and pink stones. The palace is built in a pyramid structure and has 953 windowpanes. The interiors of the palace are designed and engraved. The best time to visit the palace is early morning at the time of sunrise.

The royal history of Rajasthan is reflected in its magnificent forts and palaces. These structures exhibit the grand Rajputana architecture. A tour to Rajasthan will give the tourists a glimpse into the great history of the state.

By Suzana