Spain Keeps the Tourists Busy

People go on holiday because they want to forget the mundane busy office or business schedule. They want to enjoy and rejuvenate themselves. If you spend your vacation visiting Spain, you will not only forget your office or business, you will forget yourself. This is because Spain is full of places worth visiting. One such place is the Cantabria which is very near the port city of Santander.

Brief history of Santander:

The moderately hot Santander was a part of the Roman Empire. The Spanish King Alfonso XIII chose this place as a summer resort. Those who visit this city will find that the culture and religious practices of different civilizations are being practiced here even to this day. That shows the influence these civilizations have left on the people here.

Places of interest in Santander:

Today, this city is bustling with many flourishing business activities. The city hall, known as the Ayuntamiento, is located in the center of the city. This modern building and the places around it is the most ideal place for shopping. Just around this place is the San Fransisco Church; it is a religious as well as a historic place. A little farther away, on Cervantes Street, there is a museum called the ‘Biblioteca Cassa Museo.’ In fact it was the house of Biblioteca and he resided in that house; it has been converted into a museum and library of the famous writer Marcelino Pelayo. Afterwards, you can visit the historic cathedral, La Cripta Cristo. Just a few minutes’ drive will take the tourist to the ferry station or Estacion Maritima. Adjacent to this is the famous park called the Pereda. Just plan to take the ferry to Malaga to taste the traditional food while looking at the beautiful sea and enjoying the seaside life.

Do not forget to visit the Paseo de Pereda, a building believed to have been built in the 17th Century which was the headquarters of Banco Santander. The famous arch and the two arches are the other places worth visiting. It is believed that this is the center of the city and it is from this place that the city started to grow.

There are many other places worth visiting. The tourist guides will help you plan your itinerary. They will arrange for your stay. There are many apartments and villas that offer comfortable accommodations. Of course there are plenty of restaurants too to serve the choicest food.

By Suzana