The Tudors – London Tour

There are an immense array of things to do in London, from the conventional yet intriguing, such as London bus tours, London walking tours and Thames river cruises, to more idiosyncratic themed sightseeing experiences, such as a Tudor tour. Book with Globe Trips for a genuinely memorable, great value tour.

There are differing advantages according to which London Tour you choose. London bus tours are ideal for a rapid and sweeping overview of the finest attractions and landmarks in the magnificent capital, whilst London walking tours are perfect if you really wish to delve into a specific area of the city in depth. Choose for a sightseeing tour of London: they offer excellent value, and an extensive range for you to choose from. Their diverse walking tours range from Lively and Fashionable Soho, to Globe/Borough Market and Jack the Ripper tour. Thames river cruises are exceptional in granting you unique and wide-ranging perspectives over the most alluring areas of the city.

The reign of the Tudors, from 1485 – 1603, encompasses one of the most exciting periods in English History. The Tudors dynasty includes sovereigns such as King Henry VIII and his daughters – ‘Bloody’ Mary and Queen Elizabeth I. The legacy of the Tudors has certainly made an impact on London. Searching for the more unusual things to do in London? Take a Tudor-themed sightseeing tour of London, exploring magnificent Hampton Court Palace and savouring an exquisite Medieval Banquet.

Attend a Medieval Banquet and take a journey back into time and the court of Henry VIII. Knights, troubadours, contortionists, magicians, jugglers, minstrels and medieval tumblers and Henry VIII himself, will all play their part in transporting you to merry olde England in this immensely engaging dinner theatre experience. Relish a feast fit for a king as you enjoy your four course banquet, complete with unlimited beer and wine.

The ostentatious, infamous Tudor monarch, Henry VIII, is, beyond a doubt, the monarch most closely associated with majestic Hampton Court Palace, a major London attraction. Positioned spectacularly amidst 60 acres of formal gardens and over 750 acres of parkland, the Palace is truly a sight to behold. The Maze is a particularly spectacular and renowned aspect of the Castle, and the opulent, exquisite State Apartments also will not fail to mesmerize you.

There are practically illimitable London tours to choose from. Whether you wish for the Tudor experience or rather prefer a standard London bus tour or London walking tour, you are sure to have your wishes fulfilled, and, in fact, exceeded. Explore the most extraordinary London attractions on a sightseeing tour of London.

By Suzana