Tourism in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country that offers her many guests a breathtaking experience during the Cambodia tours. Depending on how much time people have in their hands, a day or night tour would be ideal. Some of the interesting tours include sightseeing throughout her many attractions in the city. A balloon tour will make this trip memorable as people fly over the beautiful cities enjoying the best bird view ever. Some of the attractions here include the flooded forest that provides an awesome viewing experience.

Cambodia tours would not be complete without visiting the Phnom Phen city that unveils the intrigues of Cambodia. A tour to the Rabbit Island will crown this sightseeing tour in the gorgeous land of Sihanoukville. Siem Reap is an interesting city in Cambodia that offers the best excursions. People here have a great time learning the history of the city and enjoying all of its delights in style. Other interesting activities on this tour will include a visit to the floating village of Kompong Phluk, the Cambodia culture village, the Tonle Sap Lake and the Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake.

Cambodia tours would also not be complete without the awesome classic tours that take people to CambodiaS landmarks. This tour goes through the cities of Angkor Wat, Phnom Phen, and Siem Reap, which have iconic landmarks. A tour to the Angkor Temple Complex is an exciting idea and there will be plenty to wow at. The beautiful wall carvings also make this tour worthwhile. It will be thrilling to watch the sunset on this tour at the awesome terrace in the Angkorian temple. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will make this tour perfect with the sightseeing opportunities it offers.

Other than this, a Cambodia tour will sail its guests to the beautiful Khmer ruins, which hold a wealth of history. The countryside offers a scenic thrill that is captivating to watch. The floating village is breathtaking and just when people think they have had enough, an opportunity to hike the Kulen Mountain presents itself. The royal place stands beautifully in Cambodia and this tour would not be complete without paying it a visit. Other attractions here will include the Silver Pagoda and the National Museum. Shopping will be worthwhile in many of her beautiful malls in the relaxed evening atmosphere.

Combination country tours make the most interesting of Cambodia tours. These include the most famous of places in Indochina and this tour take sits guests through Laos, Vietnam, and finally Cambodia. The exciting parts of this tour are the numerous boat trips on the mighty River Mekong and through the Phnom Phen attractions. The Ho Chi Minh Memorial Complex is a must tour site and it opens up to the local markets that have a lot to offer. Te architecture used here is amazing and the museums carry a wealth of culture and knowledge. Cambodia is home to caves that have been there for years and this definitely give people an exciting touring experience. More temples are here as well as royal places and ancient ruins.

By Suzana