Using a Bloomington Car Rental to See the Sites

If you are headed to Bloomington, you should know that there is plenty more to see than the basketball courts that were made famous in the movie “Hoosiers.” Besides basketball, Bloomington is also known for both art and the theater. Once there, you will soon find that the only way to truly enjoy everything that it has to offer is to make use of a Bloomington car rental.

One of more popular rental car companies that operate in Bloomington is Avis. Their selection of cars should suit anyone’s desires. Whether you are looking for a compact, a sedan, minivan or even one of the “cool cars” that they offer, you should be more than satisfied with your choice.

The rental car giant, Enterprise, is also available in Bloomington. If you happen to be visiting Indiana University, you are in luck because one of their offices is located right on campus. No worries if you aren’t in the immediate area though because Enterprise is the one company that will pick you up. This is a convenience that few other companies will offer.

Another company that does happen to offer free pick up service is Budget Rent-a-Car. As most companies do, they offer a wide selection of cars to suit all of your needs. If you check the internet, you can probably find some decent specials from one of these companies that can save you a few bucks on the overall fees.

Getting back to why you need to rent a car in Bloomington, one of the post prestigious music learning centers, the Jacobs School of Music, is also located there on the campus of Indiana University. This school holds well over one thousand performances every year and draws students from all over the world.

The local performance arts theater, The Indiana Theater, is famously known for its vaudeville past. At one time, you weren’t considered a major vaudeville act unless you played at this theater. Now it holds about three hundred performances each year and is one of the main reasons it is known as such a rich cultural city in regards to the arts.

Now a town cannot be all sophistication, so when you get tired of the theater, get back in your rental car and check out one of the great festivals that are held each year. One that has every woman’s eyes popping out of their head is the Chocolate Festival. If you are heading there, make sure that rental car that you get has plenty of trunk space for all of the delicious treats you will be taking back to your hotel!

By Suzana