Why Visiting the Holy Land Gives You a Spiritual High

The area that holds religious significance to Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths and that includes Israel, parts of Jordan along with the Palestinian territories and Lebanon is known as the Holy Land. The city of Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel, is also considered the spiritual center of Judaism. Jewish worshippers gather, pray and reflect at the Western Wall in Old City of Jerusalem. The Bethlehem city is important to Christians, as it is the birthplace of Jesus. The Muslims believe Muhammad ascended to heaven from the Al-Aqsa Mosque situated in the Old City Jerusalem. Old Testament, Torah and the Quran mention about the many places and sites that are found in the Holy Land.

Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Israel each year due to its well-known religious values and faiths (Jewish, Christian and Muslim). Most tourists who come to Israel do so with the purpose of exploring and experiencing the magnificent beauty of this amazing country and to have lots of fun. There are many great attractions for visitors in this country known as the land of milk and honey and the tours are fast becoming a popular choice.

Israel is known for its modern and contemporary lifestyle. It is also becoming a preferred choice for business meetings, as English is the preferred language that is spoken all over the country. Business professionals travelling in-group tours have become very popular as they come to attend business functions that are organized by companies investing in technology and research. It is advisable to know about the best season to visit the country so that the visitors can get the best out of their trip. Israel has pleasant weather all through the year and travelers who come in winter can enjoy sightseeing and visit the other special attractions of the country.

Affordability is a big plus with Israel tours and you can find the best deals online, which are a combination of flights and hotels. Travelers going to cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv prefer exploring them on foot. Car hire is also available for those who wish to explore the cities this way. A land tour is usually the preferred choice for people who had opted for a minimum 7-day visit and you can choose to add excitement to the tour by opting for an aerial view of the country. The places of interest in Israel include ancient monuments, holy places, spa resorts and an exciting nightlife. Shopaholics love the modern city of Tel Aviv with its high street fashion. The famous attractions of Jerusalem include Old City, Western Wall and Dead Sea. The various natural minerals and salts that are found in the Dead Sea attract visitors for its medicinal value.

By Suzana