Xcaret and Tulum Tours and Vacations

Don’t miss out on one of the most popular day trips in Mexico. Xcaret, is a fusion of Mayan culture and eco-archeology. Xcaret, located in the Mayan port town of Pole, was all but lost to the world. In 1984, architect Miguel Quintana Pali, uncovered ancient cenotos (sinkholes) and underground rivers. Xcaret is open 365 days a year and offers many activities such as swim with the dolphins or snorkel in sacred Mayan waters. Watch the authentic “Mayan” ball game, or the Flying Papantla men soar 30 meters above ground and descend from the universal tree. There are many activities and performances you and your family won’t want to miss. The park extends two hundred and fifty acres from the beach to the jungle and offers an up close look at the indigenous animals and vegetation. The legend of Xcaret has a powerful vibration that will set the tone for your vacation. Don’t miss out!

Tulum is the closet Mayan ruin to Cancun. The “walled” fortress was built in the dying days of the Mayan Empire. Tulum was strategically built and is harbored in the beautiful turquoise water of the Rivera Maya. In less than two hours from Cancun you’ll be enjoying this truly enchanting place for relaxation and fun. Come for the day and enjoy the ruins, the beaches and make sure to bring your bathing suit.

There are three major structures in Tulum. El Castillo, the largest, overlooks the coast to the azure water of the Caribbean. One of the last structures built in Tulum before the arrival of Hernan Cortez in mid 1400’s is the Temple of Frescoes. It is two story building with colorful murals on inner walls. Last of the major structures is the Temple of the Descending God which depicts a divining figure (looks like a bee). This temple, typical of many other Mayan archaeologically sites, looks very similar to Chichen Itza.

By Suzana