Explore The State With Michigan Historical Tours

If you’re a history buff who loves to learn about different places and how they came to be what they are today, Michigan historical tours will be a natural highlight of your trip itinerary. There is a long and varied past waiting to be explored in this beautiful state. Find the nuances of its history by joining tour groups that enhance your knowledge. Some of the most popular places to take historical tours in Michigan include:

– Fort Michilimackinac – This fort takes visitors back to the early 1700’s, when the fa?�ade was built. At different times British and French strongholds, Fort Michilimackinac is located on the shore of the Lack Mackinac. The location is a strategic one perfect for trade in the past. A trade hub for those looking to give and exchange goods in the west part of the Great Lakes, it is a wonderful place to explore. Walking around the fort with a tour guide is a great idea, as its story is long and varied. Walk in the footsteps of the French traders who brought valuable fur to the area. Imagine yourself as a British representative manning the fort’s lookout tower. A recognizable part of Michigan history, this fort illustrates how long the area has been inhabited. Keep in mind that it is not a military bastion; its classification as a ‘fort’ is thus a little off-base.

– St. Ignace Mission – Now a park open to visitors, the St. Ignace Mission has been around since the late 1600s. It’s known more broadly as Marquette Park. Visit the church to learn about Ojibwa culture; it’s been turned into a museum to highlight it. A notable fact about the mission is that it’s one of the earliest established historical landmarks.

– Fox Theater – Visit downtown Detroit and stop by this cultural hotspot; you won’t be sorry. It’s amazingly ornate and has a rich history. It was in fact the first theater in the United States to incorporate a sound system in its repertoire to showcase films with sound. The Fox Theater thus ushered in a new age of the movies, moving from silent films toward the genre we now enjoy today. Take a guided tour of the theater and learn about the architecture and the famous films that have been screened there. One of the major highlights of the Fox Theater is its size. With more than 5,000 seats, it is truly gigantic. It is also one of the most respected movie house locales of the 1920s to survive.

– Ernest Hemingway’s summer cottage – For those Hemingway buffs who can’t get enough of The Old Man And The Sea, visiting his cottage is a natural choice. Yes, the famous author had a notable presence in Key West, Florida, but his childhood cottage is in Michigan. Called Windemere, this cottage was visited by the author in the summers of his youth. Walking the grounds is an amazing experience for those who hold the author in high regard and who, to this day, continue to try to understand the man’s genius.

By Suzana