Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas Nevada

If you want to make your vacation in Las Vegas extra special then you should book one of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours. The ancient geographical features are one of the world’s most spectacular sights and there is no better way to view it than from the air. Along the way you will see many other attractions and you can even land right inside the canyon.

Flights leave daily from the metropolitan area and head east for about 120 miles. This is the only city from which you can get a helicopter tout to the west rim of the Grand Canyon and it takes about 45 minutes to get there. You could also choose to fly over the south rim but it is only possible to land at the west rim.

The first attraction that you will see is Lake Mead which is the largest man-made reservoir in the United States. This is followed by the iconic Hoover dam and the new bypass bridge. The dam is considered one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20th century and towers above the Black Canyon.

You then follow the Colorado River right into the Grand Canyon passing the Grand Wash Cliffs along the way. There will also be views of ancient Joshua Tree forests and some of the most breathtaking parts of the Mojave Desert. If you just taking the fly over tour you will go as far Eagle Point and Guano Point before returning or you can go as far as the south rim.

If you take a landing tour there are a few options. Landing at the bottom of the canyon is the most exhilarating as you drop down 4000 feet and fly past incredible cliffs and rock formations before landing next to the Colorado River. From this point you really get to appreciate the scale of this natural wonder and the only other way to get here is by and arduous overnight hike.

Now you could either have a light meal and a glass of champagne before exploring the area for about half an hour or you could take a bit longer and travel along the river on a pontoon boat. The option is then to fly back or to land at the top of the ridge. You could also explore further by horse back or in a Hummer.

Landing at the top you get to experience another exhilarating attraction which is the Skywalk. This is a U-shaped glass bridge that was built by the Hualapai Indians which has a view of Eagle Point. It reaches 70 feet out over the edge above a 4000 foot drop. In some tours the VIP pass is included as well as a souvenir photo.

You could also just skip the bottom landing and only land at the top. The usual stop off time here is about two hours so that you have time to explore Guano Point and the Indian cultural village. Grand Canyon helicopter tours are very popular so you should book at least three days in advance. Be sure to include a trip over the strip when you return to really make the best of it.

By Suzana