India Tour Packages – Explore the Diversity of India at Its Best

The Indian subcontinent is a land of baffling paradoxes and intriguing charm that keeps alive the surprise factor of the tourists till the last lap. No matter whether you wish to indulge in desert safaris or the Pushkar mela of Rajasthan tour or soak up the grandeur of the temples down south in South India Tours, the bottom-line reads that the richness and diversity of India is so vast that it requires more than a life time to fully explore and experience it!

The easiest method to reach out into the most popular India tour packages would be to tie up with a reputed India tour operator. Packages are competitively priced and offer the flexibility of choosing those destination and activities that you prefer the most. If adventure and fun are your catch words this holiday, then place your bets on the wildlife tours.

Wildlife tours typically involve elephant or jeep safaris that take the tourists deep into the forests to see the wild life in their natural habitat. Some of the most popular wild life trails include the Project Tiger wild reserves including Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Bannerghatta National Park and Kanha National Parks, which are the last refuge to the highly endangered national animal of India, the tiger.

The wild life tours also will cover some of the finest bird sanctuaries like Bharatpur and Vembanad bird sanctuary, which attract migratory birds like Siberian Crane during the winter. There are various tour itineraries to choose from and the best part is that these tours will be entertaining and informative all at once.

India has 80 National Parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries where you can explore the wilderness of the tropical forests and a rich flora and fauna out in the wild. Some of the animals that you come across in any wild life tour would include tigers, elephants, rhinos, leopards, gharial and many species of monkeys and deer. India wildlife tours are great bets to beat a retreat from the urban mayhem and to enjoy a quite and relaxed outing with some of the magnificent birds and animals.

Wildlife is a popular holiday theme in India as it has the second largest base of wildlife in the entire world. The diverse landscapes that range from the Deccan peninsula, to the Gangetic plain, the Western Ghats, the Trans Himalayan region and the Northeastern regions, are homes to many wild life species and form the main wild life circuits in India. The best thing is that each of these regions has a unique animal population that is hard to come across in the other parts.

Jungle tours help in spreading awareness in nature conservation and wild life protection. Planning wildlife tours are easy as never before; thanks to the India tour packages that unravel the unexplored wilderness and charm of the Indian forests.

By Suzana