One of the leading tourist visits for foreign tourists in Thailand is the coral island which has a name like one of the main figures of Hollywood films around the world called “The Man with The Golden Gun” which was very popular in 1974, James Bond.

James Bond Island Tours and in Thailand are familiar with the term Koh Ping Ghan, which is located in Phang Nga Province, Thailand and is one of the favorites in the Phuket tour package. If you are a fan of this one legendary figure, you must visit Karang Island to enjoy how beautiful the location of this Hollywood film shoot.

Located just over 95 km (60 miles) from the island of Phuket, James Bond Island or better known as Phang Nga Bay, is one of the islands in Southern Thailand. The island is known as a tourist spot for the first time through the phenomenal film James Bond in the sequel to The Man With The Golden Gun around 1974. Phang Nga Bay is also popular worldwide with its natural beauty, islands with towering cliffs or limestone scattered every where. on a stretch of sea water that is emerald green.

James Bond Island is the island itself, so to get a close view you need to use a tour boat or longtail boat.

This is information about how you get to James Bond Island:

From Phuket and Phang Nga:
-From Phuket use 402 across the Sarasin Bridge
-From East Phang Nga, use 402 for route 4 (Phet Kasaem Rd)

If you want to go to James Bond Island, I recommend visiting the website By taking a tour package at QBIC, you can take a vacation as much as you want to enjoy the wide variety of natural attractions on this island. Your vacation will feel memorable after capturing the most beautiful moments on James Bond Island.

By Suzana