Reasons To Take A Helicopter Tour Over The Grand Canyon

Have you ever considered Grand Canyon helicopter tours? If you haven’t yet, you really should consider adding one to your next trip to the Canyon. Grand Canyon air tours are making the entire experience of visiting this amazing place much more exciting. You just cannot get the full experience of the Grand Canyon without adding Grand Canyon helicopter tours to your agenda.

With the close proximity to Las Vegas, all it takes is a quick day trip to enjoy the majesty of taking a Grand Canyon air tour. All you have to do is include it into your vacation plans. You don’t want to miss out on this fabulous opportunity to get a look at everything the Canyon has to offer from a bird’s eye view.

When you do book your canyon helicopter tour, you will find that they are classy events, and take place in a climate controlled, state-of-the-art chopper. Trip packages also include free shuttle service that picks you up at your hotel and drops you back off at the same location. Convenience rules in Vegas and this is just one thing that proves it. The rules are however, that you cannot bring bags or food with you and your plans can only include 5 passengers per helicopter.

Canyon helicopter tours must be safely orchestrated, so when you add a canyon air tour to your vacation plans, you can expect to be seated according to your size. I know, that doesn’t seem fair, but fair has to take a back seat when safety is concerned. Balancing an aircraft of any kind will help to keep it in the air.

If you are looking for the cheapest Grand Canyon helicopter tours, that would have to be the aerial only tours. That means that you will not be able to disembark the aircraft until you have landed back at the heliport. However, if you are looking for the best value concerning these flights, the choice for you would have to be the one that has the chopper landing at the base of the Canyon.

If you are up for even more adventure during your trip to Las Vegas, you might want to consider taking Grand Canyon helicopter tours that include a rafting trip. Talk about enjoying the experience, this is for the true adventurer at heart. Since the price difference is minimal, keep this addition on your list of must-dos.

Canyon helicopter tours take about 45 minutes to go from Vegas to the West Rim. That means that your entire tour will be about 3.5 hours long. While you are in the air, even when not yet over the Canyon, you will be given the opportunity to take numerous photographs of outstanding and awe-inspiring views. You will want to make sure to get a snapshot of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, Boulder City, and the fascinating Colorado River. Just save some space for views of the Canyon.

While planning your very own canyon helicopter tours, be sure that you get all the information available about everything you can do during your personal Grand Canyon air tours.

By Suzana