The trip is indeed the most comfortable to use a Travel Backpack, but it depends also on how long the trip and where you go. There are several kinds of bags that you need to know, so that you will still be comfortable when going on vacation. Choosing a bag is also useful to avoid excess baggage if you board a plane. Here are 9 kinds of comfortable bags that you can choose to accompany your tour!

1. Duffels Bag

This bag is the most ideal bag for you to carry while traveling because you can carry a little more of your things. If you have to take a plane, you can bring it into the cabin. You can use it when you walk around.

2. Coolbag

The advantage of carrying this coolbag is when you bring certain foods that you will eat while traveling. You won’t be afraid the food will rot or melt quickly because you wear the right bag. You can also carry it on a suitcase and also suitable for carrying souvenirs.

3. Rolling backpack.

This is the most fun bag to use if you are on a tour for about one to two weeks. This bag is easy for you to carry because the wheels and shape are not very formal either. Suitable for you who are happy with casual style.

4. Bags with lots of pouches.

This bag consists of a large main bag and contains bags of bags that you can fill for your luggage such as shoes, toiletries, underwear, and drink bags. This bag is good because your luggage will be neater and you will easily find the items you want when you need them.

5. Suitcase

For those of you who prefer to carry a suitcase, surely choose a suitcase that is resilient and strong to withstand pressure. So that your goods will remain safe in them. To choose this suitcase, of course you have to know where you want to go first. Do not let the road you go to be difficult and it turns out that the suitcase is not the right choice.

6. Backpack

This bag is the most widely used for traveling because it is very easy and more comfortable when carried. You can bring a little more stuff in it. You can also bring your leptop safely in it. But, you have to be smart to choose the size too. Don’t get too big or too small.

7. Sophisticated luggage.

In addition to ordinary luggage, there are also luggage that you can use to charge your gadget with USB. Wow, cool! This is suitable for you who will go for a long time, especially the transit time at the airport. So, this suitcase will facilitate communication and entertainment during the trip.

8. Waterproof bag.

This bag is good for those of you who like to walk with little luggage. Besides being waterproof, this bag can protect your belongings if it’s suddenly raining and you’re busy looking for shelter. Surely you don’t need to worry about items that you carry when it rains on the trip.

9. Large handbag.

If you want to carry heavy items, try not to choose a large handbag. Besides being able to damage the bag itself because of the weight of the items you carry, you will also be troubled to bring it if there is no trolly or the person who helps you. This bag is suitable for carrying lightweight items.

Now you know well to choose the bags that you want to use while on a tour. Don’t choose the wrong bag again! All of that for your convenience during the trip.

By Suzana