What would you do if you were told that the Internet would stop working all over the world in the next few minutes? It would be crazy, wouldn’t it? We live connected to such a level that we can’t stop it. The Moco Museum has lent its spaces for Studio Irma to exhibit her art pieces called “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism”. This is one of the few museums in the world where you can get this kind of futuristic exhibition that transports you to different sensations related to living connected. An Amsterdam art museum is a space that aims to make people who visit it experience a change in the way they perceive particular situations in their lives. When you come across an exhibition of this kind, you understand many things that you had not even considered before.

Four spaces with a unique meaning

“Reflecting Forward” was conceived with the idea of immersing visitors in a psychedelic but illustrative journey. The idea is to generate corporeal sensations that are produced from digital impulses. The first exhibition, “Diamond Matrix”, seeks to show that each person is a potential diamond. In “Kaleidoscope” you can travel in an aura of colors that will bring out your most creative side. Then follows “We all live in bubbles”, where each person can remember that they are unique and have special gifts to share with society. Finally, “Connect The Dots & Universe” is a reminder that, although each person is a unique being, they are connected in some way to the rest of the world. There are four spaces created to give a message using modern tools that are accepted by everyone as normal.

Art with a positive message

While other exhibitions seek to show art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, Studio Irma focuses on giving people a space where they can get a positive message. It is a fun, different space that makes it easier for people to disconnect from the problems of everyday life. In fact, tourists who visit this exhibition are surprised by the originality of the idea and the quality of each exhibition. It can be said that art transcends the physical when it is capable of transmitting a positive message to the people who enjoy it. The world is increasingly collapsed with problems. Having a space where you can feel free and where you can discover your creativity is very valuable and a place you must visit.

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By Suzana