Five NYC Sites That Will Give You the Full Tourist Experience

Whether you have lived in New York City your entire life or are making a quick visit to the city, everyone should experience the full tourist experience at least once. New York City is filled with some of the best tourist attractions in the entire country. If you are looking to get the complete New York City tourist experience here are five of the “must see” destinations that you must add to your visit.

Statue of Liberty

There is no more iconic image to represent New York City than the Statue of Liberty. Although this may seem like a rather standard tourist attraction to visit, especially for those familiar with the area, it really is worth the trip. The history behind the statue is very interesting and the beauty alone of the statue sitting on the waterfront is worth seeing. Visitors should be prepared to spend 2-3 hours on the tour and do a lot of walking during their visit.

Empire State Building

Traveling to the top of the Empire State building provides tourists with unparalleled views of the nation’s biggest city. You can even buy tickets online before hand to avoid the long lines to get in. There are now even two observatory decks, the open air 86th floor observatory that has been open for years, and another lookout point on the 102nd floor.

Central Park

Most New Yorkers both young and old will tell any visitor that Central Park is a must see on their New York trip. This is something that both residents and tourists love to enjoy. The park has 843 acres of greenery and open space to enjoy, right inside the city. Furthermore, there is no shortage of activities to do in central park. Visitors can enjoy riding the carousel, paddle boating, sail boating, concerts and plays. There are also running trails, bike rentals, restaurants and tours of the park.

Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is the perfect New York City destination for families and individuals alike. The museum has been open since 1869 and has evolved into an enormous display of historic artifacts even dinosaur displays. Also, the museum is constantly changing displays meaning there is always something new to enjoy.

Rockefeller Center

When visiting New York City, many people claim you could spend your whole trip just at Rockefeller Center. There is truly something for everyone in this famous area of midtown Manhattan. The holiday season brings about the famous New York Christmas tree, there is ice skating, concerts dining and some of the city’s best shopping. Tourists can also visit the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, see Radio City Music Hall, tour NBC Studios and more.

No matter how long you have lived in New York City, or how often you visit, a few days of sight seeing can be fun for anyone. Getting to see these tourist attractions will help anyone experience some of the truly unique things that New York City has to offer.

By Suzana