Cross Country Road trips are a huge part of the American Identity.  For many people worldwide, the thought of going on an iconic road trip through the USA is an absolute must. Once Route 66 was completed in the late 1930s, traveling through the country became a right of passage. Beginning the construction of the Interstate Highway System in the mid-1950s, added to the emerging popularity of automobiles, road trips were helpful in relocation purposes and as a convenient way to travel for leisure.  The beauty of these trips is not always the destination but the journey.  Therefore fun breaks on long road trips are part of the road trip magic. Online sites like Impericon give reviews when planning your route and travel tips are always easy to find.

Which Route?

There are many routes to choose from but if you are new to traveling by road, look at these most popular routes.  Route 66, referred to as the ‘Mother Route”, was established in 1926. It runs from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. It is one of the most famous roads in America and has inspired novels, TV shows, and movies. Blue Ridge Parkway runs through Virginia, South, and North Carolina and is a perfect way to experience the famous Appalachian Mountains. With a wide range of local wildlife for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts to enjoy. Nature lovers and Backpackers can enjoy the many hiking trails. The 900km Pacific Coast Highway is a scenic road that offers all aspects of California. You can experience laid-back beach towns and famous cities like Los Angeles and San Fransico, with astounding sea cliff views.

Finding Fun Stops?

So what is the best way to find these fun stops? Apps, Social Media, and for some spontaneity – Billboards.  Specific Apps and Social Media will help a long way in finding some entertaining stopping points. There are many apps to choose from that can help you plan your trip, help with your budget, and help you find lesser-known attractions.  Sites dedicated to road trips offer great reviews on different apps to suit your needs. Social Media is another excellent way to get practical tips by interacting with other road trippers.  Billboards are a great way to find fun stops.  Keep a lookout. You may find an attraction unknown to you that could add something unique to your overall journey.

Well-known and Weird Stops.

Of course, there are many famous stops all over America. Popular stops like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Historical land sites, and Buildings are significant attractions. Check out Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Liberty Bell, or the White House. However, lesser-known or even quirky attractions can also be found.  Haunted tours around old cities are available, and don’t forget the weirdest roadside attractions in each state.  Visit Indiana to see the World’s Biggest Ball of Paint or  Minnesota’s SPAM Museum.

Ready to take on the Road?

Proper planning, setting out your route and knowing where to stop for gas, food, and a place to stay will ensure a safe and trouble-free road trip. Invest in road trip apps to help prepare for your trip and help you on your way.   Incorporating fun attractions along your route will break the monotony of endless roads, providing time to rest and discover a piece of American culture.

By Suzana