Gold Coast Tourism

If you are traveling to Australia, you need to visit the Gold Coast. Gold Coast tourism is extremely popular because of the variety of activities that you can experience while you are in the area. Learn more about Australia`s Gold Coast including what to do while you are there so that you can make your trip into the vacation of a lifetime.

If you are unsure of where the Gold Coast is, it is not hard to find. It is a large region that begins at the border with New South Wales and continues along the coastline to Brisbane. Because there are so many varied environments in the area, there are a number of different natural and man-made attractions as well. Whether you love the rain forest, traveling out onto the water or spending time at theme parks and athletic events, there is something for everyone in the Gold Coast region.

The amazing climate is one of the things that bring many tourists to the area. The climate is very warm and is considered sub-tropical. Because it is so mild, it is perfect for many out of door activities. There are breaks along the coast that have resulted in some of the best surfing conditions in the world and this is one of the major draws for the area. Keep in mind that you may want to plan your activities out and not try to do more than one or two things in one day. If you do try to go quickly from activity to activity you may find that you do not fully enjoy any of the outings or side trips that you have planned.

In fact, planning can be your best bet. You may want to book certain tours especially during the tourist high season when the area is flooded. Remember that it is in the Southern hemisphere so the warmest parts of the year go from December through to March. Keep in mind as well that during the high season, you can expect to pay more for accommodations and certain amenities and services.

Since the weather is so nice, you may want to spend as much time as possible outside. You can choose many different nature themed activities. Do you love whales? If so, you will love the fact that the Gold Coast has one of the longest whale watching seasons. There are other tours where you can experience the natural rain forest areas that are located in the Gold Coast region. You can also take boat tours, a plane tour of the area or even head out for an adventure in the country’s interior.

If man-made attractions are more your style, you should think about visiting one of several theme parks in the Gold Coast area. These are quite popular with many tourists. There are theme parks which are centered on thrill rides and others which are focused mainly on water rides. There are even animal parks and zoos for tourists who prefer to see Australia’s animals in a more controlled environment. There are many different theme parks so you may want to plan a day at each one, rather than trying to pack more than one into a single day.

It is not surprising that with the beaches, and the climate it has, that the Gold Coast is known for its water sports. Whether you love the idea of wading out into the surf with your board and trying a wave or two, or if you simply love the thought of swimming and sunbathing, there is enough beach for everyone. The region boasts over 70 kilometers of beach. It is truly amazing when you think that Gold Coast city has 57 kilometers alone. This is not even including the canals and waterways that wind their way through the city.

Traveling to the Gold Coast can be fun for all members of the family, no matter what their interests are. You can enjoy so many activities that you might find once you get there you don’t ever want to leave.

By Suzana