One Day Tour in Yosemite

I have planned to take a tour to Yosemite, and I finally fulfilled my dream last December. So I couldn’t help expressing how much I enjoyed my tour of Yosemite on lase Sunday. Though I live in California over 20 years, I have never been there before.

As the best-known scenic spot, Yosemite National Park is actually Nature’s wonder. The park is located in the middle of the Nevada mountain range. There are huge granite rocks, great waterfalls and spectacular valleys. Moreover, those Giant trees also become good scenery of this land of fantasy. Steep cliffs and clear waters give us the plain feeling of Nature. Plenty of ice and liquid water make Yosemite a fantastic Water World.

I really need to thank my tour guide, Tony. He is very informative and tell me a lot of interesting descriptions of those scenic spots. As I can’t drive a car, so the tour guide is also my driver. He picked me up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Actually he is a professional and experienced tour guide. So he tried everything to make sure that I could have an interesting and relaxed tour. May be he knows everything in Yosemite. As he was driving car on the road, he kept on telling me about the wildlife and the phenomenal scenery on this extraordinary land. Tony even took me to a gas station, where we had an unscheduled bathroom break. May be I should call him ‘super man’.

As we were approaching the park, I began to take photos. And I want to use my camera to memorize such grand scenery. When we got into the park, the temperature suddenly dropped several degrees. Though Tony told me to put on warm outfit before we got outside, I still felt rather cold.

Bridalveil fall was our first stop. It must be a good place in summer. But I didn’t went there in hot season, so the waterfall couldn’t be regarded as a great site in this cold winter. I still took a photo of myself standing in front of this terrific waterfall. And then I left for my next stop. At the first sight of El Capitan, which is the largest standing Granite Structure all over the world, I knew why it was call ‘El Capitan’. The huge scene dwarfed everything in front of it. Though I used to see skyscrapers, I still like the work of nature.

By Suzana