Snorkeling the Underwater Volcanic Caves at Las Cuevas Cove

Surrounded by lush tropical rainforests filled with exotic wildlife and bordered by quiet beaches on the Pacific Coast, the seaside town of La Chacala (Chacala), Mexico, is perfect for all kinds of water sports and nature activities. Located just about an hour-and-a-half north of Puerto Vallarta in the Riviera Nayarit, this quaint beach town is accessible to tourists via a beautiful drive on a paved highway through the jungle hills.

There are many things to do in La Chacala. Among the many vacation activities available are surfing, sailing, fishing, swimming, and especially snorkeling and diving through the underwater caves at Las Cuevas Cove. This secluded cove is great for snorkeling and diving because the water is clear, calm and warm – ideal for tourists who want some spectacular underwater views. The coral reefs of La Chacala are known as one of the best snorkeling spots in western Mexico.

Tours & Access

From La Chacala, ask one of the local boatmen to take you to Las Cuevas Cove for a nominal fee of about $10 USD per person. (Coral reef snorkeling fees run about $20 USD.) After arriving, the boatman will arrange a designated pick-up time with you, allowing time to explore Las Cuevas Cove at your convenience. If you prefer, the boatman can wait for you, but there is an hourly fee for his stay. It’s best to coordinate a pick-up time so you can explore without feeling rushed.

Snorkel gear is available for rent in La Chacala and Las Cuevas Cove, but you may also bring your own if you prefer. Since underwater visibility is so good, and the underwater volcanic caves and coral reefs draw many tropical fish and rare marine life, you may want to bring an underwater camera. Children may also enjoy snorkeling here, but be sure to stay near them so they don’t drift off.

When you return to La Chacala and are ready to wind down after an exciting day, take some time to relax over a drink or snack at one of the many restaurants along the beach. If you prefer to stay longer in Las Cuevas Cove making it an all-day adventure, be sure to bring enough food and drinks to keep you, your friends and family satisfied and hydrated.

On your travels to the picturesque beach town of La Chacala, consider snorkeling or diving at Las Cuevas Cove. Time seems to stand still here, and everything moves to a more leisurely pace. It’s well worth it.

By Suzana