Travel to Lebanon Where the Past Meets the Present

For the country of Syria, Lebanon Tourism is a major source of revenue and an industry that employs a substantial part of the local work force. Before the civil war, its capital city Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East. However, the political turmoil in the area took its toll on the industry and visitors stopped coming. With the country finally discovering peace, the tourism industry is thriving once again. Tourists who travel to Lebanon find a land that is rich in sightseeing attractions.

Many tourists are attracted to this country for its cultural diversity and its historical monuments. This is a country where the traditions of the east meet the culture of the west. From the ancient Roman and Turkish empires to the European colonizers and modern day Arabs, every civilization has made its mark on this land. This has resulted in a m?�lange of ancient monuments, archeological ruins, vibrant festivals and religious customs. Quite a few of these great places have been classified as world heritage sites. Many scholars and writers travel to Lebanon fascinated by this extraordinary diversity.

Many visitors who come to this country are attracted by its mild climate and beautiful scenery. Those who come here for outdoor activities, fall in love with its unspoilt landscape that offers plenty of opportunities for skiing, hiking, fishing and biking. In the summer months, the heat in many of the Gulf States is unbearable. Scores of people from the region make their way to the mountains of Lebanon, often purchasing homes and staying there for the entire season. The snow capped mountains of this country are among the few places in the Middle East, where one can ski.

Beirut is not only the capital of the country; it is also the commercial and financial heart of the nation. In the city, one can find banks from all over the world, shops that sell almost everything and cinemas that show the latest movies. The city is also the point of entry for many travelers, with its airport receiving flights from every destination imaginable. The city has a vibrant night life with bars, night clubs and discotheques open till late at night. The restaurants of this city have a reputation for serving up delicious cuisine, which combine local flavors with culinary influences from around the world.

Summer is usually the right time to travel to Lebanon. A wide variety of festivals are held during this time. These events attract many local performers, as well as famous international artists. Thanks to the peace in Lebanon, travel to this country has become considerably easier. Many international airlines have resumed services to its cities. Even if there is no direct service, the country is still well linked to other airports in the region, from where travelers can get onward connections.

Tourists should note, however, that this is a politically sensitive region. It is not uncommon for countries to issue travel advisories, advising travelers against visiting this place. However, during times of peace, tourists would find travel to Lebanon to be a very satisfying experience.

By Suzana