Try Chinese Peruvian Cuisine In Lima

Any trip to Peru is sure to widen your culinary horizons in the best of ways. Although largely unknown until the past decade, Peruvian gastronomy is truly one of the most exquisite in the world and one of the great prides of all Peruvian people. On your Peru vacation, make sure to try some of the numerous delicious traditional dishes.

Lima, declared Gastronomic Capital of the Americas, is home to hundreds of Chifa restaurants, a must-try in your culinary explorations. Following the massive Chinese immigration in Peru in the late 19th century, a new kind of cuisine emerged combining these new Chinese influences with traditional local ingredients.

Known as Chifa, which is how Peruvians call Chinese cuisine, these restaurants offering a unique type of fusion cuisine have taken over the city and you can now find them on each corner. There are so many Chifas in Lima that it is really difficult to say which ones may be the best, as no one can ever try them all! However, it is true that not all of them are worth a visit so you will just have to try your luck.

Depending on their tastes, visitors to Lima have a lot of varying opinion on what is a good chifa. You might love and adore the one right around the corner from your hotel, or prefer a bit more sophisticated one. Whether you pay a few dollars or over $20, you’ll probably get the same meal, but definitely not the same ambience.

Here is at least one suggestion for a guaranteed delicious Chifa experience. Although not among the cheapest Chifas in Lima, Chifa Ti Ti is probably one of the best and deserves the buck or two more. If you do not want to have to wait for a table, make sure you call in advance because it is always packed. That is just how good the food here! Located in San Isidro, on Javier Prado (Av. Javier Prado Este 1212, 224-8189), this excellent chifa offers all the traditional dishes such as Mongolian beef, but also some signature dishes that you cannot miss. Make sure to try the Gallina Kut Gion Kay!

Another excellent chifas generally recommended by travelers and expats to Peru are Wa Lok in Miraflores, San Say Kay in Monterrico (Avenida El Polo), and Salon Capon on Paruro. From arroz chaufa (chicken fried rice) and wantan frito or tamarindo to more traditional dishes, there is something for every taste in Lima’s chifas.

By Suzana