Having Holidays Closer to Home

Many of us are thinking a lot more about how much money we spend on our holidays. It’s important to have a fun, relaxing break and yet we don’t want to be paying off the cost of the holiday for the rest of the year. It’s this sort of thinking that explains why an ever increasing number of people of looking to take holidays closer to where they live.

This may strike you as a rather dull thing to do, but that’s probably because you’ve not really thought carefully about what your local area has to offer. The reality is that many of us forget about all of the things to see and do that are local to us. That’s a real shame, as holidays spent more locally can still be relaxing, while you’ll also often be able to save quite a lot of money. So just how local should you stay?

Some people are actually choosing to stay at home and use their own houses as bases for exploring the region where they live. This may seem a bit extreme and you might prefer the thought of putting a bit more distance between yourself and your normal surroundings. This is where budget flights can be really helpful.

The rise of the budget airlines has made air travel a lot cheaper for many of us. It’s now possible to take cheap flights to a range of destinations that simply weren’t available a few years ago. From my home in England, for example, it’s now only a short trip across to France and it actually costs me considerably less to fly than it does to drive. Just as importantly, I can be in France within a few hours.

One advantage that I have is that I have a local airport, meaning that I don’t need to spend time making my way to one of the major London airports. You may not have thought to look into what your local, regional airport has to offer, but checking the flights that are available could be an excellent starting point if you’d like a cheaper holiday.

By Suzana