Kerala Backwaters – An Enthralling Tour Option

Kerala Backwaters are all about serenity and nature. Amidst the beautiful land of Kerala lies this enchanting water stretch running through the splendid landscapes and countryside of the state displaying the culture and rhythm with which its people have been living for a long time. The harmony flowing through this place is surely contagious and it takes hold of every beholder and drift them to space that is untouched by the ruffles of life.

A person visiting southern India cannot return without exploring and savoring the delightful water expanse that has been eliciting people from around the world and leaving them in the state of utter admiration by its unmatched beauty. The best feature of touring this place is a houseboat or ‘Kettuvallam’ journey that shows you the traditional hamlets of Kerala marked with thatched houses and schools, swaying palm trees and local people indulged in their daily chores. The sight of the regional fishermen on the rice boats and people travelling through their long used transport channel make one wonder about the simplicity that still resides there.

One can just sink-in a comfortable cane chair and admire the nonpareil skill of the creator while savoring a hot cup of coffee and the sound of ripples in the water beside, and clearing the clutter from one’s mind. Kerala Backwater is an ideal escape for people with a hidden nature lover inside them that longs to explore the entrancing facets stroked on the canvas of the world. Every person who looks for a place to vent out his fatigue and to erase all the webs from his life must visit this amazing and natural retreat that would take him away from all the hustles of life.

What can be better than waking up with the first ray of the sun rising on the emerald water with chirping birds filling music in the background? There are not enough words to describe this amazing take of life, which seems so surreal even when one is actually experiencing it. One can perceive these things only when one takes a Kerala backwater tour that takes one along the palm-fringed banks of the interconnected rivers, estuaries, lagoons, lakes and canals that make this gem of a feature in the landscape of Kerala.

Hence, the beautiful land of Kerala made up of its lively culture, zestful people and panoramic topography is one of the best tour options in India, and the best of all its elements is its backwater that is abode to the most beautiful creations of the god, for which this state has been acknowledged as ‘the God’s own Country’.

By Suzana