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London’s Royal Parks – Regent’s and Green

London’s Royal Parks – Regent’s and Green

Having introduced the Royal Parks of west London in the first two parts of this article, running through Bushy, Richmond, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, the third installment heads further into central London with Green Park, via Regent’s Park to the north.

Regent’s Park

Location: This larger city park is located within the boundaries of the City of Westminster and the borough of Camden. To the south and west it neighbours the exclusive residences of Marylebone and to the north and west the equally exclusive St John’s Wood. Continuing clockwise it is surrounded by the Primrose Hill and Regents Parks areas to the north and east with Camden and Somers Town beyond.

Character: The park consists of 410 acres of landscaped parkland which stretches up the slope of Primrose Hill on its northern edge, and is a diverse mixture of grassland, tree-lined avenues and formal gardens. The park below Primrose Hill is enclosed by an Outer Circle ring road whilst planted gardens to the south of the park are contained by an additional small Inner Circle road. The park is characterised by the presence of numerous impressive buildings/grounds, both new and old, between these circles. They include a few impressive Georgian villas dotted around its edges, particularly focused around the north western reaches of the park and the inner circle. Just beyond the Outer Circle to the north, the lower park is separated from the grassy slopes of Primrose hill by the Regent’s Canal which continues from the Grand Union Canal into the Thames. The south west corner of the park is dominated by a boating lake whilst the south eastern corner of the park contains further formal gardens split by an avenue, The Broadwalk, which stretches up in a straight line to the park’s northern edge.

Attractions: Perhaps the most famous attraction in Regent’s Park is London Zoo which sits entirely within the park, however the park is also noted for its Open Air Theatre which stages productions throughout the summer. For the more active, the park includes a tennis centre, a sports centre at The Hub, a boating lake and playgrounds. Primrose Hill is popular as a spot to take in the panoramic views of central London, but, visitors to the park below can also enjoy the planted formal gardens such as Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in the Inner Circle or the organic Wildlife Garden just outside. Although not open to the public, the park’s buildings include the US Ambassador’s Residence (with the second largest private garden in London) and Regent’s College (which includes a number of higher education colleges).

History: The park initially came into the ownership of the crown when Henry VIII dissolved the abbey at Barking which previously owned the land of Tyburn Manor, named after the eponymous river which flowed through from Hampstead to the Thames. As Marylebone Park, it was first a deer park and then leased farmland until the Prince Regent (later George IV) commissioned John Nash to re-designed the park and the surrounding area, down to St James’s, to form a neighbourhood of palaces and grand Georgian terraces fit for the Prince and his court. Some of the work was never completed but in 1811 the park was landscaped with the Regent’s Canal, the lake, avenues and villas. The terraces that were built around the park and down Regent’s Street towards central London spawned a Georgian building boom in the area creating the highly prized residences of Marylebone, Mayfair and St James’s which remain exclusive to this day.

Green Park

Location: Green Park is situated on the western edges of central London, between Hyde Park and St James’s Park. It is separated from St James’s Park to the east by The Mall and from Hyde Park to the north west by the junction of Hyde Park Corner. To the south it borders the gardens of Buckingham Palace with Constitution Hill providing the boundary, whilst to the north are the exclusive residences of Mayfair by Piccadilly.

Character: Despite being the smallest of the Royal Parks at just 47 acres, it almost conjoins with St James’s Park and those to the west, including Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, to form a belt of green space which winds from Notting Hill all the way through to Charing Cross. In itself it mostly consists of trees and grassland and is the only park not to have any buildings or water features.

Attractions: Although it lacks much formal flower planting the park is renowned for an impressive Spring daffodil display. The park is first and foremost a green space however and so is best appreciated as a refuge from the hubbub of the surrounding city. It therefore has very few features with the Canada Memorial (to Canadian soldiers of …

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Vlora – What to See in Albania’s Second Largest Port City

Vlora – What to See in Albania’s Second Largest Port City

Vlora is a coastal city on Albania’s Adriatic Coast. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean region and in recent years has become an important tourist center. With nice sandy beaches, the summer time is an ideal time to visit Vlora. You can swim in the sea beginning in May and the water is still warm enough in October to enjoy a pleasant outing at the beach.

Besides the beach, Vlora has a rich cultural history dating back to the 6th Century B.C. A stone wall was built around the city in the 4th Century B.C. and it was the main port of Illyria (the ancient name for Albania). During that era Vlora was well known for its olives, wine and for the production of salt.

In the medieval period Vlora was under the administration of several different rulers. The Normans conquered the region in 1081, and it later came on rule of Venice before being handed over to Germans. In 1272 it became part of the kingdom of Arbria and in the 1400s an Albanian feudal family dominated the city. Finally, in 1417 Vlora was the first port to fall to the Ottoman Turks. The Ottomans built mosques and fortresses and other monuments during their rule of 500 years.

In the modern era, Albania obtained its independence in 1912 and Vlora was the place where that independence was declared. Fittingly, there is a museum dedicated to the Independence movement in Vlora and it should be near the top of your list if you are visiting Vlora for cultural purposes.

Another important place to visit in Vlora is the Mosque of Muradie. It was built in 1542 and was designed by the architect Sinani. It was commissioned by Sultan Sulejman who was in Vlora and preparing a naval attack on Italy.

The castle of Kanina is another must-see place for any cultural tour of Vlora. This castle dominated the entire medieval period of Vlora and is located in the present day Kanina village near the city. If you like old castles, then you can go on to visit the castles of Porto-Palermo, Himara and Ilias which all lie in the area around Vlora.

There are a number of religious places that are points of interest for tourists and these include the Monastery of Saint Mary in Zvernec Village, the Churh of Saint Mitri in the village of Qepara, the church of Mesodhia in the village of Vuno and the Church of Saint Sotiri in the village of Vuno.

In addition to the previously mentioned Museum of Independence, the city also has a Museum of Ethnography and a Museum of History.

In case you are wondering about accommodations and other facilities, the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this city have made it a magnet for tourists; thus, the tourism infrastructure has developed rapidly in the past few years. So you should be able to find what you need to make your stay comfortable.

Whether you want to enjoy the pleasures of a sandy beach on the sunny Adriatic sea or take a first hand look at cultural artifacts stretching back to the sixth century BC, Vlora is the place for you.…

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Brazil Travel: Belem History and Attractions

Brazil Travel: Belem History and Attractions

Belem in Brazil’s north region is the largest city on the Equatorial line, 100 kilometers upriver from the Atlantic Ocean, and is considered the entryway to the Amazon River. It is on the shores of the Guajar?? Bay which consists of islands surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and canals.

The city was founded in the early 17th century, but it became wealthy during the rubber boom late 19th century. The main industry was initially sugar, followed by cattle grazing. During the rubber boom, Belem became the main export center for the industry, and its growth was boosted by the opening of the Amazon River to navigation.

Currently, Belem has an urban population of 1.4 million and metropolitan population of 2.25 million. The city is a charming blend of modern and colonial. The narrow streets of the Cidade Velha (the Old City) are well-preserved, as are many other colonial building constructed in a variety of architectural styles – Portuguese, British, French – that reflect the region’s mixed history.

Climatologically, Belem has a tropical rainforest climate. There is constant rain and no dry season. The months of highest rainfall are from December through May. In some months, the rains frequently come as cloudbursts and bring a welcome relief from the tropical heat. Nature is exuberant here, even in the urban areas, giving the sense of having the Amazon rainforest within the city.

Belem has some of the finest Amazon cuisine. Bases include tucupi, a broth made from wild cassava, and jambu, a fruit. Specialties include pato no tucupi con jambu (duck in cassava broth with jambu) served with rice and pepper; mani?�oba, which is a place of boiled manioc leaves with salted pork, dried meat, and bacon; cangrejo, or river crab; and tacac??, soup made with shrimp, tucupi and jambu, served extremely hot. The local cuisine also features influences from Africa, Portugal, Britain, and other European cultures which had had a presence in the region.

Another attraction unique to Belem is the Mercado de Ver-o-peso, which translates to “See the Weight” Market. This is one of the largest open-air markets in Latin America and travelers a treated to a one-of-a-kind mix of colors, aromas, and tastes. This market has food and clothes and everything in between. Market-goers will find local fruits including pineapple, papaya, a?�ai (a fruit which is only recently gaining recognition around the world), and bacuri (a papaya-looking fruit with a yellow rind and a sticky white pulp around the seeds). Vendors also sell fish, meats, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Medicinal and magical plants are also available, as well as potions and remedies, for things like tooth aches and to cure relationship woes. This market in short, brilliantly captures Amazon life in one place.

The Esta?�?�o das Docas is a restored dock area that was previously a series of warehouses, which were built from materials imported from England, and shipped and constructed in Belem. The area has now been restored and features bars, shops, and music.

Maraj?� Island, a short hop from Belem, is the largest freshwater island in the world, and travelers there will see a range of wildlife, including herds of water buffalo. The island can be accessed by hopping on one of the charter boats that travel there daily.

Belem is in the far north of Brazil and perhaps for this reason is less visited. Great distances separate this Amazon city from other Brazil travel destinations, but the unique confluence of Amazon river and rainforest with Atlantic coast make this destination worth a visit.…

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Mail Order Brides Agencies: Stay Away From Gift Programs

Mail Order Brides Agencies: Stay Away From Gift Programs

At the very moment you are reading this article, there are thousands of men falling in love with women they have seen on a mail order bride site. They’ll spend month after month paying to send and receive email messages from their virtual girlfriend. In addition, these men will purchase expensive overpriced gifts in an effort to win the affections of the women from the mail order bride agencies, but is this the right thing to do?

Unfortunately, many men throw common sense out the window when it comes to women. In an effort to win the heart of the women they desire, single men will often purchase things they can’t afford. Mail order bride agencies know this, and this is why they make such an effort to stock their sites with pictures of beautiful women. It gives the perception that the overweight middle aged man can date and marry the sexy trophy wife they have always desired.

Since many of the men who register with mail order bride agencies will never grace the cover of some fashion magazine, the general consensus among these men is that these women are looking for a provider. As a result, mail order bride clients make an effort to portray themselves as successful men through the purchase of high priced gifts available through the agency. What is most surprising about the purchase of these gifts is that the men have never met the women they are sending the gifts to from the agency. In many cases, the women don’t even exist and in other situations, the agency simply has a stock of certain gifts that they’ll have women pose next to in a picture. So rather than actually purchasing a gift, the agency pockets the money while giving the lady a percentage or commission on the “sale”.

In doing research for this article, I visited and registered with a couple of romance tour company websites. One of them kept encouraging me to send a $15 “virtual gift” to the women who had emailed me. It was really interesting, I had to pay $10 to read the email, $10 to reply, plus $15 to send the “virtual gift”. What is a “virtual gift” you ask? Well, it is nothing more than a cartoon image of a certain object like an umbrella, rose, sun, cat, etc. Wow, $15 for a worthless gift that I could have downloaded for free from Google images. Another site was charging the following prices for gifts in Cebu, Philippines; $60 for a small teddy bear, $50 for a cake, $240 for a day at the spa, $95 for 11 roses. Keep in mind the Philippines is a second world country where much of the country lives in poverty, so the idea that these prices reflect a slight markup is an understatement. As a reference, I did a Google search for flower prices in Cebu and found out that I could buy 70 roses for $50.

In conclusion, you should never send money or gifts to someone you have never met. This sounds simple, yet when you put a pretty picture behind the request people lose their common sense. For a podcast on mail order bride gift programs, visit Mail Order Brides.…

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Undiscovered Points of Istanbul

Undiscovered Points of Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populated city of Turkey. Many people still believe that it is the capital of the country but contrary to the popular belief, it is not. It used to be the capital city of Ottoman Empire and Byzantium Empire but after the foundation of the secular Turkish Republic in 1923, the government palace has been moved to Ankara and Istanbul is no longer the capital but being situated over two continents – Asia and Europe and being close to Europe makes it the most important city of the country.

Istanbul is also a very touristic city – actually the most popular one – since it has hundreds of historical remains. Most airline companies have direct flights to Istanbul which makes the city even more preferable for many people. There are thousands of hotels and travel agencies willing to welcome visitors of the city.

Just like any other big city in the world, Istanbul has several common places of interest, a list of which can be found within the classic tour itineraries of Istanbul. But apart from these places, there are many more things to do in this huge city which are not widely known by tourists.

Before writing about those places, I want to mention clearly that if you have very short time for your trip to Istanbul, then you should consider visiting these places during your next visit but if you have more than three days, just don’t waste your time and see those..

Polonezkoy – Beykoz

This small village is situated in the Asian side of Istanbul. Honestly it is not very easy to get there with public transportation but still possible especially if the weather is good.

Polonezkoy means “the village of Polish”. Today, the owners of the majority of the restaurants and the hotels in Polonezkoy are Polish people so it is not uncommon to see Polish names everywhere.

The most recommended thing to do here is spending a whole day starting with a perfect village breakfast. After having your breakfast and a cup of delicious Turkish coffee, you can take a nap in the hammocks under the trees.

You should skip your lunch and continue with a nice, long dinner with some beer or Turkish raki. You would better not plan anything tiring for the next day since the oxygen makes you feel so relaxed that you want to sleep for long hours at the end of this day.

Kilyos Beach – Sariyer

This place can only be visited during summer times and it is strongly recommended to go during the weekdays since it is incredibly crowded on Saturdays and Sundays.

Istanbul is a city surrounded by water but because of the strong and dangerous stream along with the Bosphorus, people can not swim in the Marmara Sea which is actually easy to access even from the city centers. In Kilyos town, there are many beaches with an affordable entrance fee. Some of those beaches are a part of the Marmara sea while the others are Black Sea.

Black Sea can be considered a dangerous sea if you swim uncontrolled but in these paid beaches in Kilyos, you can feel yourself comfortable and have no fear.

Etiler – Bebek Area

In these zones, you can not find natural activities like you can Polonezkoy or Kilyos area but these places are still not widely known by tourists although they are very popular ones among Turkish people.

The most luxurious clubs, bars and restaurants of the city are in Etiler area. If you also are interested in finding an apartment for rent, this is a good place to stay in.

Also, if you want to see the modern face of Istanbul, having some drink in the cafes of Bebek or Etiler will help you to discover another world in this city.

Before going to a bar or restaurant in this area, be aware of the high prices and the dressing policy. If you are not well-dressed enough, even if you are the richest person in the world, the chances of they reject you is quite high.…

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Is Your Family On A Vacation Travel Finances? Cut price Travel Sites Make Low-cost Travel A

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The Keralite Beach Wedding Destinations – A Personal Review

The Keralite Beach Wedding Destinations – A Personal Review

If you search the key-phase “best beach wedding destination”on Google, you will get overwhelmed by hundreds of search results pointing to hundred different beach wedding destinations and each page trying to justify – why to visit there! Thereby picking up the suitable one among all those is as critical and brainstorming as choosing a bride among hundreds of your friends.

Though choosing a suitable wedding destination is just the matter of your personal choice, albeit there are some crucial factors that influence your decision indirectly. Will you prefer a location to avow the bride especially in a location where you spent a vacation with your fianc?� in the last summer? Definitely you would prefer a location far from the crowd, a majestic beach surrounded by lots of scenic spots, a location with optimal facilities for spending a quality honeymoon, unique cultural diversity of the local inhabitants, easy transportation facilities from the airport and a trip which is in your budget. Each beach wedding destination is unique by some reasons or the other. The Date is another key factor that determines where to go for the trip. So, if you have fixed your date in between November to April, then you can choose Kerala, the aesthetic southern extreme corner of the Indian Peninsula.

Below are a few reasons for selecting Kerala as your preferred beach wedding destination –

1) Exotic Beaches: Kerala represent 600 Km of coastal area with crescent waves hitting the shore, eye-candy lagoons, swaying palm trees, scenic views of the sun sets, mesmerizing bump of misty waves, enchanting melodies of the wind, plethora of opportunity for sea sports, sea cuisines, luxurious beach resorts – perfect for beach wedding venues, Ayurvedic Spas are just few of the many facets of “Keralite Beaches”. Spectacular beaches that proclaim the supreme ambiance of the Keralite beaches are – “Kovalam, Varkala, Somatheeram, Shanghumukham…”

2) Economy & Affordability: Easy connectivity of the capital city Thiruvananthapuram with major cities of the world and very economic airfare are two very good reasons that prompt people to opt for this coastal state as their beach wedding destination. Again the local wedding planners offer very competitive packages to the to-be nuptials. The brides and grooms can reap close the benefit of the just blossomed wedding planning industry of the state through tough bargaining, demanding extra ad-on services from the wedding planners at the same service charge. Average cost of a marriage in Kerala can vary between $500 to $5500, depending on the package and theme of the wedding.

3) Themes: The local wedding planners, hotels and resorts offer all contemporary wedding themes including – local themes like Keralite, Bollywood, Southern Indian, Under the Sea, Backwater themes etc. – are a few of the most popular ones. Exchange wedding vows with your partner in Kerala emphatically and mystically, so that memory of each euphoric moment becomes treasure of your life.

4) Luxury honeymoons: Kerala is often referred to as the “Venice of the East”. Besides the wonderful beaches, tourists love to visit the hill-stations, sanctuaries for salvation from hectic lives. Kerala is sanctified by the nature with its long stretch of Backwater ways. You can plan the start of your nuptial life in a very private but romantic way at a boathouse locally called as – “Kettuvallams”, while enjoying the beauty of the nature in the bed of a glowing full moon night. Alleppey, Kochi, Kollam, Kasargod, Kottayam are a few of the back waterways that justifies the cost of the package with studding and eye captivating views of the natural beauty with bounty of gifts in the form of mangroves, lakes, canals, paddy fields. Enjoy sun baths, fishing, rowing, swimming and other adventure sports in your stay.

5) Rich Cultural Heritage: Though Kerala is world famous for splendid Ayurvedic Spas and Ayurvedic Healthcare Resorts, but its real beauty can be felt in the rich cultural heritage – a unique composition of the Western and Oriental cultures. If you visit Kerala, you must join a Christian Wedding Ceremony to experience the cultural diversity of the land. Keralite Christian weddings depict the perfect blending of Hindu traditions and Christian wedding rituals.

6) Safety: Kerala is a safer haven for the newly wedded couples in India. In contrast to other parts of India, political scenario here is quite stable and terrorist free. Keralites are well known in India as educated, peace loving, tolerant to other religions and for their hospitality. Kerala is the epitome of a prosperous state.

Besides all these, a newly wedded couple can spend their quality time visiting the monuments, ancient Catholic Churches, Hindu temples like Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple (the richest temple of the world), snake parks, Dutch forts and enjoying a stunning elephant safari in particular.…