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6 Signs Your Boat Needs Repair

When you own a boat, you can spend your days on the water with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. However, it also implies that you have difficulty inspecting, maintaining, and repairing various parts of your boat. It’s also not a good time if you get stranded on the water for hours due to a problem with your boat. Boat maintenance and repair are essential aspects of boat ownership. It would help if you inspected your boat regularly, looking for areas that may require Mercury Mercruiser service Seabrook, TX. Certain issues have quick fixes, but there are some warning signs that your boat requires boat repair services.


Overheating is a serious problem in many boats, and it’s important to be familiar with the causes and symptoms of this problem. A boat’s engine can become overheated if it’s operated in polluted water, has heavy algae growth, or is improperly mounted. The saltwater in the air can corrode engine parts and block the cooling system. Other causes of overheating include a blocked water intake or muffs that don’t deliver water to the engine. Another common cause of overheating is an incorrectly installed outboard engine. It can also be a problem when the outboard is started on dry land, as the engine may run without water. Furthermore, if the outboard engine is improperly mounted, it can overheat.

Propeller Failure

If your propeller is failing, this is an indicator that your boat requires repair. Even a small crack or nick on the propeller blade can spread quickly and require immediate repair. In severe cases, this crack may result in a serious fracture, leaving you stranded and unable to continue using your boat. Even a hairline crack can ruin your propeller, forcing you to replace it.

Broken Drive Belt

If you have a broken drive belt in your boat, it’s a sign it needs repair. When the belt breaks, it’s very important to have a mechanic look at it immediately. A boat without a drive belt will not start, and this can cause other problems, including overheating and a malfunctioning alternator. You can check the status of the belt by checking the voltage meter.

Excessive Vibration

When your boat starts experiencing excessive vibration, it may be a sign of engine problems. Some things can cause these problems. For example, bad bearings or worn gears can cause high-frequency vibrations. Sixty percent of vibration problems stem from engine-mount loading and are easily fixed without requiring a sea trial. In this case, the cause of the vibration should be identified, and the cause of the problem should be repaired.

Intensity of Vibration

A vibration can be an indication that your boat needs repair. Most boats have some degree of vibration while underway. The frequency and intensity of vibrations can vary from boat to boat, but one indication that your boat needs repair is a new or excessively loud vibration. A metallic sound usually accompanies vibrations from the engine. Some vibrations are inaudible and may not even be obvious.

Broken Rub Rail

Rub rails are installed directly over a critical structural joint between the hull and deck liner of your boat that must always be watertight. As a result, if your rub rail has sustained significant damage, your first priority should be to determine whether the joint beneath the rail has been compromised.


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Beaches in Bali You Must Visit

Beaches in Bali You Must Visit

Are you looking for a place to visit this year? Bali is all what you need. This island provides you many kinds of tourism object. I warn you: no matter how much time you will spend for vacation, it is never enough if what you visit is Bali!

Bali is located in Indonesia. Located at 8°25′23″S 115°14′55″E / 8.42306°S 115.24861°E, it is the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Look at your map, and you will find this island is lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Called as The Island of God, it is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia. You can find so many kinds here. Not only its beautiful tourism objects, but also its highly developed arts, such as painting, dance, sculpture, leather, music, and metalworking. The traditional ceremonies regularly done by the citizens are also unique things you must see.

There are many beaches located at every side in Bali. The most popular one is Kuta since the waves are good for surfing. Kuta Beach is even more popular than the country itself! Many people know Kuta, but they do not even know that it is a part of Indonesia!

Actually, you can find other beaches if you look for a silent one, especially for honeymoon. Kuta Beach is getting too crowded since so many tourists come here every day. Here are some beaches you should visit when you arrive at Bali.

LOVINA BEACH – Can you find a word which sounds like “love” here? No need to question, this is a perfect island for honeymoon, or just for totally relaxing yourself. Located at the north part of Bali, it has calm sea water and blackish chromatic sand. And you will see this special show: dolphins swimming behind you when you are on your boat! You can find hundreds of dolphins in the morning if you go 1 km offshore. When they surround you, they will jump and it is like an attraction.

SANUR BEACH – Located in east side of Denpasar, Sanur has been famous since a long time ago. The wave is not so big, so it will save if you come with children. Here, you can try some recreations such as snorkeling, surfing, water recreation, canoeing, jet ski, and parasailing. Do not worry of accommodations. You will find international class hotel, restaurants, and a lot of art shop.

KUTA BEACH – No need to describe it further since it is known well worldwide! Its white sands, great waves, and amazing sunset view interest so many surfers. If you are lucky, you can find Penyu (turtle) lay their eggs. They are under protection of Indonesian Law, so if you find turtle eggs, you can protect them by contacting the securities near you.

KUSAMBA BEACH – Located about 7 km eastwards from Semarapura city, it represents a very interesting object to visit. Here, you can see fisherman coast and salt works. You will see fishermen sealing to look for the fish and salt farmers who re making salt in the coastal periphery.

SUANA BEACH – It is famous for its white sand and beautiful hills. You can also visit Giri Putri cave nearby the beach. The cave has a lot of stalagmite and stalactite inside. Some cave’s mouths are wide enough for you to see hilly view.

SULUBAN BEACH – This beach is one of coasts located in Countryside Pecatu and resides between Uluwatu area and Labuhan Sait. It is peaceful since it is far from noise. If you love surfing, you can do it here. To find a good surfing area, you have to descend the bank and enter the wide cave then to sea level for the surfing place.…

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Visiting Westminster In London

Visiting Westminster In London

London’s Westminster area is packed full of the capital’s most famous landmarks. You’ll find Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the River Thames in this area. There are also lots of other attractions for tourists in and around Westminster.

The London Eye is located on the south bank of the river Thames and stands an impressive 135 meters high. This is the world’s biggest observation wheel with 32 capsules that hold up to 25 people each. On a clear day from the very top it is possible to see views of anything up to 25 miles in every direction. You can spot lots of famous London landmarks from the top and during your ascent, including Big Ben, Windsor Castle and St Paul’s Cathedral to name just a few.

Another place worth a visit in the Westminster area is The London Aquarium. Here you will find 3000 different types of aquatic and marine life housed in huge tanks. The impressive stingrays and sharks amaze children and adults alike, and shark-feeding time is a popular daily event. The aquarium covers 3 floors and daily talks about the sea creatures are given during the day.

Originally part of St Thomas’ Hospital, the Florence Nightingale Museum is a treasure trove of unique artifacts relating to the famous Lady of the Lamp. Here you will find fascinating items such as Athena, her pet owl that was stuffed by a taxidermist after it died, the medical chest she took with her to Turkey and of course the famous Turkish Lantern she carried when doing her rounds during the Crimean War.

Westminster Abbey has been used for every coronation in England since 1066 so this historical landmark is well worth a visit. The building as it stands to day was started around 1245 and has a mix of architectural styles. The organ inside the abbey is stunning and was built in 1937 and the nave is the resting place of notables such as Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton. This is a working abbey and it is possible to attend services here or you can choose to look around outside of service times.

Also in Westminster is the Tate Britain Gallery, which is home to British works of art from 1500 to the modern day. Admission to the gallery is free except for some of the featured exhibitions. Works of art from past artists like Blake and Hogarth to twentieth century artists such as Hockney and Bacon can be found at this fascinating art gallery.

Also in the area is St James Park, a beautiful park that is popular with those who enjoy green scenery and tranquil views. The lake here is home to a number of geese, black swans, ducks and even pelicans. There is a good children’s play area and also a caf?� for refreshments.…

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Things to Do in Venice, Italy

Things to Do in Venice, Italy

There is no other place in the world like Venice. The city is a labyrinth of canals, elaborate bridges, cobblestone streets and lively squares. Explore the unique sites of this great city on foot or by vaporetto, a network of boat which is them main mode of transportation in the city.

When in Venice, the must see sights are:

Venice has over 409 bridges, over 150 canals. The Grand Canal is the main water-traffic thoroughfare full of gondoliers serenading tourist and locals moving swiftly on evaporators (water busses). Lined with more than 170 historical palazzos, the Grand Canal offers a view into the everyday life of this bustling city. When riding in a gondola, many cannot appreciate the work that goes into each one. They are made from 8 different types of wood, in 280 pieces. Take note also that one side of the gondola is longer than the other, to offer set the weight of the gondolier. You can walk over the Grand Canal along 4 bridges: the Ponte Degli Scalzi, the Ponte dell’Accademia, Ponte della Constrituzione and the Rialto Bridge.

One of the most famous buildings in Venice is the Doge Palace. The building has been used as the home to the ruling family, a courthouse and prison. Its unique gothic architecture features beautiful medieval sculptures, columns and arcades. Look for the red marble arch, once reserved for the Doge to announce death sentences and oversee public executions in the square below. It can easily take 3 or 4 hours to see the Palace. Many of the Italy tours include sightseeing already, but if you are traveling on your own, many of our clients rave about the “Secret tour,” Itinerari Segreti, you can purchase in Venice. The ticket not only includes a guided tour, but also admission into all areas of the palace, prisons and the Bridge of Sighs.

St. Mark’s Basilica is the best example of Byzantine architecture in the world. Filled with incredible artworks, the church has over 40,000 gold mosaics covering the walls and ceilings. Just outside is St. Mark’s Square, or Panetta, the gathering place where you can people watch while sitting at one of the sidewalk cares. Take a short elevator ride up the bell tower, St. Mark’s Campanile, for amazing views of the Piazza and Basilica. St. Mark’s is also full of pigeons. There are only certain areas where you can feed them, so make sure to look at the signs to avoid a fine. An interesting fact is that Venice only allows a certain number of vendors to sell bird see – these licenses are passed on from one generation to another. It would be highly unlikely for someone to be able to obtain a license to sell feed today unless it was already in the family.

Wander around the Rialto market and find sought-after local specialties sold by area farmers and fisherman, or enjoy a drink at one of the wine bars.

Venice’s glass making industry was moved to the Island of Murano 1291 when people believed it was a fire hazard to the city. You can visit by vaporetto, water boat or private water taxi. Visit the Museo Vetraio, the glass museum or see a glass blowing demonstration.…

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Travel to Lebanon Where the Past Meets the Present

Travel to Lebanon Where the Past Meets the Present

For the country of Syria, Lebanon Tourism is a major source of revenue and an industry that employs a substantial part of the local work force. Before the civil war, its capital city Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East. However, the political turmoil in the area took its toll on the industry and visitors stopped coming. With the country finally discovering peace, the tourism industry is thriving once again. Tourists who travel to Lebanon find a land that is rich in sightseeing attractions.

Many tourists are attracted to this country for its cultural diversity and its historical monuments. This is a country where the traditions of the east meet the culture of the west. From the ancient Roman and Turkish empires to the European colonizers and modern day Arabs, every civilization has made its mark on this land. This has resulted in a m?�lange of ancient monuments, archeological ruins, vibrant festivals and religious customs. Quite a few of these great places have been classified as world heritage sites. Many scholars and writers travel to Lebanon fascinated by this extraordinary diversity.

Many visitors who come to this country are attracted by its mild climate and beautiful scenery. Those who come here for outdoor activities, fall in love with its unspoilt landscape that offers plenty of opportunities for skiing, hiking, fishing and biking. In the summer months, the heat in many of the Gulf States is unbearable. Scores of people from the region make their way to the mountains of Lebanon, often purchasing homes and staying there for the entire season. The snow capped mountains of this country are among the few places in the Middle East, where one can ski.

Beirut is not only the capital of the country; it is also the commercial and financial heart of the nation. In the city, one can find banks from all over the world, shops that sell almost everything and cinemas that show the latest movies. The city is also the point of entry for many travelers, with its airport receiving flights from every destination imaginable. The city has a vibrant night life with bars, night clubs and discotheques open till late at night. The restaurants of this city have a reputation for serving up delicious cuisine, which combine local flavors with culinary influences from around the world.

Summer is usually the right time to travel to Lebanon. A wide variety of festivals are held during this time. These events attract many local performers, as well as famous international artists. Thanks to the peace in Lebanon, travel to this country has become considerably easier. Many international airlines have resumed services to its cities. Even if there is no direct service, the country is still well linked to other airports in the region, from where travelers can get onward connections.

Tourists should note, however, that this is a politically sensitive region. It is not uncommon for countries to issue travel advisories, advising travelers against visiting this place. However, during times of peace, tourists would find travel to Lebanon to be a very satisfying experience.…

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Brazil Travel Today

Brazil Travel Today

Looking for a different kind of travel experience? Looking for a place that offers a wide variety of unique travel experiences for everyone ranging from those who have a passion for excitement and adventure to those who just want the simple luxury of lying on a beautiful beach all day? If you want to go to a place that has world famous beaches, beautiful scenery, wildlife and a wild nightlife then Brazil is the perfect destination for you!

Brazil is the largest country in South America, covering over half the continent. In fact, it is the fifth largest country in the world. It has a very diverse population that represents a mixture of European, Latin, African, Asian and Indian heritages. (In fact, Brazil is home to the largest community of Japanese outside of Japan!).

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Very little English or Spanish is spoken. The strong Portuguese heritage influences not only the language, but all aspects of Brazilian culture and life-from religion to architecture.

Brazilians are widely regarded as a passionate people. Talk with a Brazilian and you will almost certainly talk about the beach, music and dance and most certainly FUTEBOL! (soccer).

As the world’s largest country in the tropics, Brazil really offers endless travel options and possibilities. For those who would want to have all the sun, sea and sand, Brazil is known for its stretches of coastline.

One of Brazil’s most popular beaches is in Copacabana. This 100 year old district has one of the most beautiful and breathe-taking beaches in the world. It is a must see for any beach enthusiast.

It is a 2.5 mild stretch of amazing beauty offering the perfect opportunity to relax, sunbathe, meet the locals and have a chopp (beer) at one of the beach side cafe’s. Once you have taken it all in the nightlife in Copacabana awaits to tantalize you. You will be dancing all night long to the rhythms of the tropics.

But Copacabana is just a fraction of what Brazil has to offer. Here are some additional suggested sites to visit in Brazil:

* Salvador – Afro-Brazilian culture and architecture.

* Iguaçu Falls – hundreds of waterfalls surrounded by rain forest.

* Ilha de Santa Catarina – Night life and beautiful beaches.

* Pantanal – Wildlife trekking, boat trips and horseback riding.

* Sao Paulo – Rich culture, night life, museums and great dining.

* Fernando de Noronha – World-class diving site and great beaches.

* Jericoacoara – The ultimate hideaway, amazing scenery along the coast.

Whether you are up for an adventure along the Amazon, experience the rich culture through city festivals and crafts or are simply in need of a getaway to enjoy a spectacular view of the beach along with its pristine waters, Brazil will surely satisfy your wanderlust craving.…

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Discover what Studio Irma is exhibiting

What would you do if you were told that the Internet would stop working all over the world in the next few minutes? It would be crazy, wouldn’t it? We live connected to such a level that we can’t stop it. The Moco Museum has lent its spaces for Studio Irma to exhibit her art pieces called “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism”. This is one of the few museums in the world where you can get this kind of futuristic exhibition that transports you to different sensations related to living connected. An Amsterdam art museum is a space that aims to make people who visit it experience a change in the way they perceive particular situations in their lives. When you come across an exhibition of this kind, you understand many things that you had not even considered before.

Four spaces with a unique meaning

“Reflecting Forward” was conceived with the idea of immersing visitors in a psychedelic but illustrative journey. The idea is to generate corporeal sensations that are produced from digital impulses. The first exhibition, “Diamond Matrix”, seeks to show that each person is a potential diamond. In “Kaleidoscope” you can travel in an aura of colors that will bring out your most creative side. Then follows “We all live in bubbles”, where each person can remember that they are unique and have special gifts to share with society. Finally, “Connect The Dots & Universe” is a reminder that, although each person is a unique being, they are connected in some way to the rest of the world. There are four spaces created to give a message using modern tools that are accepted by everyone as normal.

Art with a positive message

While other exhibitions seek to show art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, Studio Irma focuses on giving people a space where they can get a positive message. It is a fun, different space that makes it easier for people to disconnect from the problems of everyday life. In fact, tourists who visit this exhibition are surprised by the originality of the idea and the quality of each exhibition. It can be said that art transcends the physical when it is capable of transmitting a positive message to the people who enjoy it. The world is increasingly collapsed with problems. Having a space where you can feel free and where you can discover your creativity is very valuable and a place you must visit.

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